Monorail Trespassing

[mt134cd] Pedestrian Deposit – ‘Nostalgia: 2000-06’ 3CD
Finally complete after 13 years of attempt. 44 tracks across 3 full discs, compiling all the essential non-album cuts from phase one PD — including 7 previously unreleased and never before heard — totaling over 3 hours of pioneering visceral, dramatic, fast-paced and constantly engaging brute-concréte electronics driven by urban dread, isolation, culture shock, social detachment and coming-of-age desires. Composed with the most primitive of means from the outside looking in. Guest appearances by Viodre, Sewer Election and Circuit Wound. All tracks have been remastered from their original digital files in 2020; throw away your mp3 rips and submit to a dense cerebral world of dimly lit street lights and exposed collarbones.


Dinzu Artefacts

Dupleix/Forestiere/Pontvianne – ‘Geographies of Breath’
A glimpse into the indelible memory of three friends meeting in a Paris flat on a hot Summer afternoon. Convergence, pure interaction, the interactive possibilities of breath and mutual listening without shields.

Bardo Todol y Sus Aves Sin Nido – ‘El Dios Immaterial De Los Pájaros’
An attempt to connect and communicate with the birds and the wind by recreating the surrounding feelings in the woods near the artist’s home of Salsipuedes, Cordoba Argentina.

Xïola Yin – ‘Self–Contained Illusion (The Peak)’
Xïola Yin is the opposite yet not contradicting side of Aloïs Yang. This project focuses on deconstruction of existing works and recordings, random access and blending memories. Exploring the unstable and unpredictable outcomes of digital environment, through bespoke software instrument and live improvisation.


Irrational Tenant

Creepyjoni – ’Visa Peace’ C40
Wet pair of mixes replete with foggy reflection whirlpools. Catch and release and reminisce and become one with water again. Rave-y, stony not fried.

UVC – ’Haulin’ Bundles at the Glue Factory’ C20
A hallucinatory recreation of early 20th century electrical currents converging on electromagnetic field. What the world sounded like through the wires before we were born.


Geomancy Records

Grex – ‘Everything You Said Was Wrong’
Bay Area art rock/experimental duo Grex release their new studio full-length, titled Everything You Said Was Wrong, September 5, 2020 on Geomancy Records (formats include LP, CD, and digital on Bandcamp, streaming). This record, an explosive blend of 60s free jazz, electronic rock, experimental hip-hop, and noise music, speaks to the embattled radicalism and outsider culture of 2020. It may be Grex’s last. The band intends to direct proceeds from this record to social causes.


Cruel Nature

LUSH WORKER – ‘Immunosuppression / Preacher / Cygnus / Consort’ 2xCS
Lazy is certainly not a term used when discussing Mike Vest’s musical output. The man should have ‘prolific’ as his middle name. Bong, 11Paranoias, OZO, Melting Hand, Blown Out, Mienakunaru are just a handful of the bands he’s given his trademark sound to – and let’s face it, his interstellar mind-expanding psych-out guitar-style is unmistakable and instantly recognisable, branding any project he involves himself with. Lush Worker is Vest’s solo project, first surfacing in 2015 with ‘Gone Out’ and a steady stream of releases following ever since; many of which have made the jump from digital to good ol’ analogue physical format via Cruel Nature Records. The latest Lush Worker offering from Cruel Nature is a quadruple whammy! Four – yes FOUR!! albums – have been compiled and presented on a chunky double-tape for your aural pleasure. ‘Immunosuppression’, ‘Preacher’, ‘Cygnus’ and ‘Consort’ were all recorded during 2019 and 2020. Each standing out as individual works or fusing perfectly as a 2 hour 20 minute trip. Some tracks are fairly short by Vest’s standards, whilst other build on lengthy drones, working up the atmosphere and tension. All though, command your attention.

SARCASTIC BURN VICTIM – ‘Blood & Stomach Pills’ CS
16 tracks of Harsh Skronky Jazz Grindcore in just under 30 minutes. Like John Coltrane quadruple booked on the same stage as Extreme Noise Terror, Swans and The Incapacitants.

ZEBULARIN – ‘Semantic Radiation’ CS
Zebularin is an ever-changing and shapeshifting instrumental collective hailing from Stuttgart. Besides the mutual interest in improvisation, science, alchemy and the social implications of music, all of its members have different and sometimes even diverging musical backgrounds rooted in ambient, jazz, noise, classical music, postrock or freeform electronics. There is no focus on a specific genre or aesthetic whatsoever, but rather on the constant interplay of tension and release as an intuitive playground of joined forces. Sounds are prone to aggregation and coagulation, structures pile up and explode/implode, deteriorate and vanish. Sometimes they reappear. Uneventfulness and density are always interconnected. Openness is the key.


Aguirre Records

Timelash – ‘A Morphology Of Wonders’
Timelash is the freshly erupted synthesizer & SFX duet of Embassador Dulgoon (Nonlocal Research) and Corum (Psychic Sounds / Million Brazilians). Together they reveal new sound forms by playing with primeval motifs contrasted sharply against unfolding futuristic developments.” Full length debut ‘A Morphology of Wonders’ was recorded & produced on 3 different continental locations that include southern Chile, midcoast Maine, and central Belgium and mastered by Caleb Mulkerin (Big Blood). Now presented by Aguirre Records as a double LP & poster, and set to release in the U.S. by February 22.


Sonic Meditations

EXPO 70 – ‘Tonal Remnants’
Outtakes from “Kinetic Tones” released on Oaken Palace records, 2015. These tracks were recorded straight to a Scully 8-track Reel-to-Reel. Session was testing out this recording unit after it was repaired and cleaned, Wright was asked to come use a session direct to tape. 4 tracks out of the session became “Kinetic Tones” and there were 7 additional tracks recorded, presented here as “Tonal Remnants”. Improvised recordings, shorter tracks can be heard as trial beginnings with loops and minimal layering, warming up leading into the longer layered and manipulated effects capturing what is usually performed in live settings. As with analog recording, sound is a bit denser/dark and natural pops and grumbles for sound hitting the tape can be heard at times.


Dust Archive

Dust Archive – ‘A​.​D. 2020’
On 23/09/19 at about 12 (CEST) a cardboard box was found at the front door of our studio. The only information on the box (handwriting all caps) was a small code (A.D. 2020) and the cryptic warning “KEEP AWAY FROM MAGNETIC FIELDS”. As we opened the box a smell of old attic spread like if the content was sealed in there since forever. Inside the box we found 12 dusty folders, each including a variable number of magnetic tape spools and disparate items (paper material, prints, photographs, VHS tapes…). The puzzling findings unfold a high degree of space-time discrepancy, with dates, locations and names that don’t add up, certainly leaving the awareness of being faced with a very strange puzzle, way too elaborate to be a joke, too full of meanings to be a fake. Unable to tell what it was, we decided to start an archive to catalog and publish the content of the box, one folder at the time. We called it: Dust Archive.


Hangover Central Station

Bow Ether Group – ‘Cyclones Of Magnetic Man’
Bow Ether Group was the duo of Glen Steenkiste (Hellvete, Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond, Silvester Anfang) and Brecht Ameel (Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond, Razen). The two side-long pieces of organic drones are served with harmonium and accordion, very slowly building up a beautiful view of the void we’re all heading towards. Recorded between 2014 and 2015, „Cyclones Of Magnetic Man“ Part I and Part II were waiting for their release for over half a decade. The stubborn beauty of the dark and yet beautiful sounds will leave you stretched on the couch until you’re able to turn the cassette once again. Pro dubbed cassettes, limited edition of 60 hand numbered copies.

Stefan Christensen – ‘Circular Ruins’
„Circular Ruins“ shows the more psychedelic, bluesy side of Stefan Christensen (Nagual, Center, Headroom, C/Site Recordings…). Blurry and buried in clouds of concrete, these tunes meander between Dead C-ish melancholy and a subway tunnel songwriter who forgot his name decades ago…or if Jandek would actually play CHORDS?! Listen closely and you will find the most microscopic versions of what people call „a haunting melody“. Pro dubbed cassette album with riso print cover. Limited to 60 hand numbered copies.


Neologist Productions

Marc Méan – ‘Basteln’
Basteln is the second ambient/electronic album of the jazz pianist and improviser Marc Méan. It is the result of improvisations and musical experiments with his beloved piano and electronics recorded in the last 6 months. The result is all-expensive environments, and fully-realized worlds to explore and get lost in.Although the sounds are largely electronic, the feeling is organic, with lush arrangements that breathe and breaststroke their way gracefully through the open air.