Crimson Ward Trhauma

Sensual Spasmo – ‘Metastatic Gunk, On Lollie-Pink Playsuit, Heralded A Sopped Coming Of Age’
Clanking at the window, smudging the skylight. As the couturière to the human pubis, Fournier’s Gangrene possesses a discerning eye for elegance in the cutthroat world of genital displays. How would you arouse the indifferent? By means of septicity, so cherished, that the encroaching darkness blazes? Psyche seeks disembarrassment from echinate tendrils of moist obscenity. Body bent by profane geometry: succumbs, then blossoms. A nuzzle with nose can express the comedos betwixt the bosom, squiggling forth amid the aureola thickets. Inhale the flesh’s transudate and spit! Spit like a beast under glass! Unlike beauty, repulsion sustains oneself longer and unlike wooing, nobody escapes my domain, except as faeces.


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