Glands of External Secretion – ‘Spicy Your Life’
A huge ursine pleasure to have Glands of External Secretion darken our door with 30 minutes of puddle-brain brilliance. The dreamscape explodes in every direction and the walls are splattered with shimmering sonic sunshine – a life-altering walkabout in the outback of the unconscious – expect messages from within to go straight to answerphone for the foreseeable. You’re on borrowed time. Describe it in a single word? sonic spongiform. C30 with day-glo MEXICO artwork by SG.

Odie Ji Ghast – ‘Give2Your Other… Hand’
AKA Greta Buitkute. Spoken word, spoken screech, spoken rattle – ripped off, ripped apart and re-assembled in undulating collision of blissful disorientation. Rhythms may come and rhythms may go, but we’ll always have Pott Shriggley as they say up our end. Messages from beyond creeping through the shattered wireless – engage your fifth eye and relax into the madness for once in your sodding lyf. C30 with “wood chip” artwork. All in all, a bloody good tape (and that’s swearing).

Yoni Silver – ‘Nethertongue’
Brass Challenger! Yoni Silver descends on the muddy cave with gifts of bright light and/or sonic collage. Side A rolls and warbles through the harmonic garden with its eyes firmly shut! Strange forms of life littering the landscape, while side B finds us back in Panic Town Upon Thames, edging passed the haunted workshop – a grinding growl relaxes into a symphony of whelps and wails before the grip is tightened one final time… CHEWY! Yoni shows off his broken beauty on the regz, find out when next here – Yoni plays bass clarinet, alto sax, violin and his own vocal folds. Clear tape with artwork by YS.


Hare Akedod

Les Halles C24
Baptiste Martin has been crafting fragile pastures of pan flute, field recordings, and stargazing keys as Les Halles since 2012, inspired by a formatively nostalgic night alone “watching the summer sky, thinking of all the mystery.” Hare Akedod, the antwerp-based label of David Edren (DSR Lines) and Bent Von Bent (Ōgon Batto), is proud to present Les Halles’ Golden Hour, a limited edition C24 cassette, the labels 11th release. “Golden Hour I-VI, was made on the computer, between Lyon and Paris in late 2018. I made dozens of patches with a modeling synth and tried to somehow recreate sounds of acoustic instruments, using happy accidents and randomness. Second side, Golden Hour VII, is a 12-minute piece that I started to compose during a week-long residency at Silo in Cannes-et-Clairan, South of France, September 2018. On site was a large concrete silo where the sound endlessly twirls and spins around. I composed the piece creating samples of different synths and various digital tools playing with the reverb. End of the afternoon after the working sessions, it was nice to go up the silo, sip wine and contemplate the golden hour with the co-residents.” B.Martin. Limited Edition of 90 clear frosty white tapes with gold print in golden cassette case with two sided fullcolour artwork. All tracks composed by Baptiste Martin in various places: Side A composed in Lyon and Paris, 2018. Side B was composed with the material recorded at the Silo Residency in Cannes-et-Clairan, 2018.


Monorail Trespassing

Scant – ‘Estrangement’ C24
Second MT tape for East Coast linchpin M. Boettke after 2015’s ‘Wake of Dissolution.’ Two untitled tracks of smoldering and combustible iron roar; the A-side being an impeccable decoding of the center of an incinerator rising to full steam, while Side B proceeds into the crackling of heat embers burning out, eventually giving way to an undercurrent pulse of sub bass oscillation. Mastered by John Pyle. 100 copies.

Ligature – ‘245 Days in Hell’ C20
NYC’s Chris Hansell — armed with the tools of AM radio, tape loops, field recordings, contact mic and synth — presents twenty minutes of harrowing audio drama and collage wrought from a period of deep personal turmoil. Isolated, repurposed audio materials form a subtle melodic backdrop with layers of organic and complimentary electro-acoustics uncoiling into focused outbursts of overloaded, poised harsh sculpture before descending into concrete ruminations. No help in sight. 100 copies.



Kalman/Fredrik Rasten – ‘Weaving a Fabric of Winds’ CD/LP
Egil Kalman and Fredrik Rasten invite us for an idyllic journey where they explore long lasting and slowly developing chords and justly tuned harmonic relationships between an acoustic guitar with steel strings and a modular synthesizer. These are warm and depurated sounds that will stick into your head long after the music stops.


Zazen Tapes

Glue – ‘II’ CS $5
The debut release by noise musician Glue. “II” is composed of two tracks of droning, shrieking noise and feedback. Sounds were made using free improvisational guitar as well as some field recordings, which were manipulated using a handful of effects. Inspiration for Glue’s sonic exploration comes from a range of musical influences, from the more abstract sounds found in harsh noise and ambient music to the more rock-oriented approach of punk rock and post-punk. “II” was released through Zazen Tapes on limited edition cassette (edition of 16).



Zherbin – ‘Comfort’ C38
The album is a result of experimenting with tape looping technique and sounds of different everyday objects. Getting rid of the nostalgic sound associated with tapes and focusing on noisy, sometimes harsh textures and spontaneous rhythms that short tape loops create. Cassette pressing is limited to 30 copies.



tzpCS63 NOX FACTIO – ‘Reflectio Tenebrarum’ CS
élise vandewalle & andrés ramirez. industrial synthesizers for electrostatic ceremonial. cassette originally published in 17 copies – the occasion or never.

tzpCS64 MICHEL HENRITZI – ‘Music For Nothing’ CS
lap steel noise guitar. demon slides, demon distortions, demon accumulations. greatness and decay in the Austrasian empire.

tzpCS65 REGGAE – ‘Saison 1’ CS
Scientific fiction and adulterated acids. the people behind hotu and fusiller combine their non-forces for this mail collaboration. magnetic tapes, sonic trashes and approximate arpeggios.


Nocturnal Hiss

Nocturnal Hiss – ‘Spiral Mind’
Seattle-based mutant techno veteran Nocturnal Hiss has a new album out in digital and physical media from Floating Chalice Industries, collecting previously unreleased tracks from the last two years. Molten rhythms and walls of harsh gray noise collide in this full-length punky druggy freakout, from the pounding gabber frequencies of “Awful Music for Awful People” to the buzzing electronic fuzz of “Low Frequency Stabbing.” An essential listen for anybody following the current underground electronic and industrial noise scene.


Fragment Factory

TORBA – ‘Musique Inconcrète’ LP
After the quickly sold out »Ggràn« cassette, released in 2016, Fragment Factory is eminently happy to welcome back the Italian sound artist Mauro Diciocia aka Torba for his 2nd contribution to the FF label catalogue. While being active in the field of contemporary sound art and noise music for more than a decade, Diciocia has produced a whole lot of mostly small run cassette releases. This LP is Torba’s first and long overdue full-length album for the vinyl format. »Musique Inconcrète« is a macro cut-up of sound-screens reorganized as quasi-organic narration: Fragments of unfinished compositions, roughly assembled according to a mere aesthetic criteria. Beyond the sporadic use of oscillators and a few inserts of other people’s music manipulated on ¼-inch tape, the whole LP is made out of field recordings collected in the region of Salento in southern Italy, where Diciocia is currently living. This album is the follow-up to »Musica Conventionale«, released earlier this year on his own Edizioni Aaltra imprint, and marks the second installment in a trilogy of related recordings, informally named »Le Musiche«. Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.


Cruel Nature

Nathalie Stern – ‘Nerves and Skin’
Of Swedish origin but now living in Newcastle (UK), Nathalie served her apprenticeship in guitar-based bands such as Candysuck and Lake Me, before looking to traditional Swedish folk roots and more experimental sounds for her debut solo album ‘Firetales’ in 2010. ‘Nerves and Skin’ is her long awaited follow up, which builds on the experimental folk traditions of her debut, awash with vocal harmonies, synth loops and drones but with the maturity of an artist who knows their craft and is top of their game. The cassette version (limited to 75 copies) is released by Cruel Nature, with limited edition white vinyl and CD versions available via Inverted Grim Mill Recordings and direct from Nathalie’s bandcamp: