Easy Listening

Mental Anguish – ‘This Isn’t Kansas Dorothy’ C60 $7
Six new pieces by 80’s cassette culture heavy and Harsh Reality Music mastermind Chris Phinney’s nearly 40 year running Mental Anguish project. Double sided one color art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Minoy – ‘Red Tape In The Sunset’ C60 $7
More unreleased footage from the late master of controlled noise brought forth by the efforts of PBK. Two unheard pieces from 1991-1992, the tail end of his tenure. RIP. Double sided one color art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Witches Of Malibu – ‘ILLS’ C60 $7
Live in studio performances from the Witches. Originally released as a limited tape-trade club only release, now presented with new art. Double sided color art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Quartered – ‘Quarter/ed’ C30 $7
Debut recording from the Sick Llama / Lidless Eye duo. Live with two mics to stereo tape at Fag Tapes HQ, July 2019 in preperation to open for Dilloway/Wiese. Double sided xerox art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Jeff Central – ‘Decompositions 1983’ C47 $7
Compilation of early experiments from Ohio’s Jeff Central (Exoteque Musique, ITN, Central Inhabitants, 10 Speed Guillotine) recorded in his hometown of Port Huron, MI. Best of three long-deleted tapes from the ITN catalog. Double sided one color art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Undercurrent – ‘Live 2019’ VHS $7
After a 30 year hiatus, 80’s home taper mystery Undercurrent makes their live return. The best of their first show since 1990 (second show ever) captured and fed through the Midwest Color Labs video processor. Crude homemade industrial clatter. Xerox art, stamped and numbered edition of 20. SP mode, approx. 15 minutes. NTSC only. Coming soon: Undercurrent 5xCD discography boxset.

Hunting Lodge – ‘Shack’ LP $26
Recorded between 1985-1988, “Shack” finds Hunting Lodge in gritty 4-track mode, venturing into territories like booming metal percussion and tape collage, as well as songs later re-recorded in studio. Originally released on the double cassette compilation “Insomnia Vol. 2” by We Never Sleep, remastered here for vinyl by Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive, Third Man Records) including two bonus tracks, all previously unreleased on vinyl. Covers designed and printed by Bruce Licher/Independent Project Press to reflect the spirit of the original WNS release. One time pressing of 300 hand-numbered copies. All copies include a pro-duplicated CD including the full LP and several previously unheard bonus tracks. No digital download.

Church Shuttle – ‘Home Audio Diagnostic’ VHS $7
Chris Durham (All Gone Tapes) Live at The Precinct, Detroit processed through the Midwest Color Labs video processor. Color, 15 min. SP Mode. Numbered edition of 30.

All six May 2020 tapes – $35 (+ shipping)


Lullabies for Insomniacs

Baldruin – ‘Die halluzinierte Welt’
Dawn of a new day, nature is immersed in a magical light. The aura is raptured by this illumination and the atmosphere is ecstatic. A transition occurs from an intense emotional state to a hallucinated reality, revealed by expanded perceptions. Emerging from surreal visions, fears, hopes and desires materialize. Authentic experiences morph, before transforming back into fleeting memories that return with time again. 26 Sonic sketches expressing impressionistic and internal imagery.


Spleen Coffin

The Telematic Concert brought together American electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros with Argentinian experimental musician Alan Courtis (Reynols), improvising across continents for the Deep Listening Institute’s Dream Festival in October, 2009 — Oliveros in person in Kingston, NY, Courtis piped in digitally from Buenos Aires. The resulting exchange of Oliveros’ accordion drones and expanded instrument system with Courtis’ unstringed guitar feedback, objects, and processing sounds as fresh as ever, both hyper-focused and frenzied. Oliveros’ forward-thinking work with “telematic music”–remote collaborative performance using telecommunications technology–is yet another facet of her relevance as an important forebearer of the current cultural moment. Recordings of the concert remained unreleased for a decade, until now. This special LP is the first release in Spleencoffin’s new Vault Series, bringing to light unreleased recordings from artists’ archives.


Laakson nauhat

Zherbin – ‘Telephone Music’ C54
Three lenghty textured tracks created by recording the sounds of a hacked telephone onto tape loops. Limited to 25 copies.


Lighten Up Sounds

NEW GLUE – ‘The Electric Path’ C34 $7
Real-room hardware pulse and meditative sinewave electrolysis, a cooling balm for burning brains. Long time collaborators Jason Millard and Matthew Himes join forces to deliver a codified transcript of kosmische momentum and damaged navigation, “Sticks like glue” as they say. Raw language ala fried diode from a heavy lidded perspective. Way back in 2011 the boys had a project called GLUE CLINIC, releasing only one self-titled cassette (LUS-037) and playing a handful of gigs before eventually disappearing. Thankfully they’ve now reunited to return as NEW GLUE, with a gurgling long player of evaporated rhythm and communique interference, an eloquent ambience for these times of trauma. Freshly born in solvent-based form, unveiled here as synthetic poly-resin carefully prepared for superior mechanical adhesion. Real time duplicated white shell Type II Chrome c34 with lacquer sealed labels comes packaged with b/w Op-Art on 60 lb art paper J-card in clear Norelco case. Hand-numbered edition of 25 copies.


Shaky Tooth Tapes

Mincer Ray – ‘Turkish Outhouse’
Mincer Ray is in the air. First Cate died. Later Sean died. In between Endai disappeared. Graham is still around – splicing together lost tapes, temporary Germans, and sounds from beyond our earthly borders in a desperate attempt to soothe a lust for revenge & connect with dead pals as he awaits the hand of Corona to bring him to home.

Yitt – ‘Facebook or After the Attack of the Insect Robot Aliens’
Yitt McCawlk is an ex-social-media-statistics-rat turned messiah after decoding an ancient HTML script from the darkweb. The album resulting from this transformative experience is an insectoid hive-mind end-of-days tale in the form of disembodied song and dance. A new better bible if you will.

Scratch Pants – ‘Dog Bones’
Good fun & good energy leak from the pores of Betty, Irene, & el Rondo deVille as they slip & slide through distorted tunes. It’s not perfect, but it is representative.


Fire is Free

Agreeable Goldmines – ‘Black Meditation’
Agreeable Goldmines lifts the veil on 3 new shimmering and shuddering drone pieces recorded late in 2019 and released as an accompaniment to the new full length recording Black Opals. Though brief, the session captured here contains enough depth and movement to warrant repeat listens. The mixes on this version incorporate sources recorded on a blues harp mic acquired from Sir Richard Bishop. One-time CDr edition of 20. $5 shipped US.

Agreeable Goldmines – ‘Black Opals’
The third in a trio of new releases from Agreeable Goldmines, this album represent the first new recordings from the project in over 3 years, recorded and re-recorded starting in 2018. This is easily the most variable album in the AG catalog, wandering freely between acoustic and electric guitar drones, no-input mixer feedback, shambling psychedelic folk, and a blues number. One-time CDr edition of 20. $5 shipped US.

Yasuyuki Uesugi – ‘Daily Mutations In Genes Change My Spiritual World Little By Little’
Fire Is Free awakens from its slumber to put forth this slab of Dark and Heavenly beauty, the first ever international release for the label. Yasuyuki Uesugi hails from Hokkaido Japan and uses custom JMT analog electronics to create hypnotic, flowing walls of harsh noise. One-time CDr edition of 50 copies with hand numbered 2 sided insert. $7 shipped US.


Laakson nauhat

Alina Ostrogradskaya & Dmitri Zherbin – ‘KM/VTT’ C40
Two tracks of minimal electronic textures and tape looped object noises. Cassette pressing of 18 copies.



Max Zuckerman – ‘The Corner Office’
Finally, a record that will speak to the CEOs, investment bankers, consolidated retail, and corporate interests. Enough with all the songs about the “poor little guy living on the margins of society” already – this one is for the proud winners at the top of the food chain! Max Zuckerman (Blue Jazz TV, LLC) has set to level the scales. Imagine a beautiful life spent in pursuit of pleasure and wealth; rich synth tones, golden hooks, lush choruses, reverbs of the likes you can only find in the finest of bath houses. “The Corner Office” describes the many characters that traverse the top echelons of our society. Influenced by the sounds of Japanese City Pop and 80’s boogie, “The Corner Office” aspires to the high production values of that golden age of budget-less studio recording. With some smooth saxophone help from record executive and CEO, David ‘Fingers’ Lackner, the songs challenge the listener to just accept their lowly place in society, trickle down a suntory hi-ball, and shake a leg!


Blue Hole Recordings

(BHR015) Joseph Allred – ‘Cub Creek Blues’ CS/DL
Edition of 100. White ink digital printing with a Kodak NexPress onto Mohawk Keaykolour Prune paper. Pro imprinted solid grey shells. Hand numbered, full color cover art by Joseph Allred. Graphic design by Matthew Boteilho. Artwork text is set in Grand Slang by Nikolas Type and Ogg and Ogg Text by Sharp Type.

(BHR006) Matthew J. Rolin – ‘Moment’ CS/DL
Second edition of 50. White ink digital printing with a Kodak NexPress onto Neenah Classic Crest Imperial Red paper. Pro imprinted solid grey shells. Hand numbered, full color cover art by Erin Elizabeth Winter. Graphic design by Matthew Boteilho. Artwork text is set in Vesterbro by Black Foundry and Sharp Grotesk by Sharp Type.