DK067 Expose Your Eyes – ‘Disintegration’ C30 €5
Expose Your Eyes is the main project of Paul Harrison from West Yorkshire. Since ‘ 90 he explored all the manifestation of noise with many solo releases and collaboration releases (with k2, Government Alpha, Small & Quim, to name a few ). Expose Your Eyes new effort is an intriguing and compelling combination of pulsations (created with lo-fi percussions, reiterative loops and sonic explosions) that are plugged into a sound environment made by electrostatic drones and unspeakable background noises. Artwork photo provided by Candi Nook that with Paul handled until 2003 the Fiend Recordings label.

DK066 Venta Protesix & Dj Kimchi – ‘LOL (Lovely Online Losers)’ C30 €5
Composed entirely out of samples from a 2001 Korean language course CD, “Lovely Online Losers” is the groundbreaking encounter between the world’s most uncompromising and obsessive laptop-noise Venta Protesix and Asia’s lushiest italogrime producer DJ Kimchi, here splicing each other tracks and remixes inspired by Malaysian livestreaming idols, North Korean chemical weapons and mispelled AV titles.


Upside Down

FILTRO – ‘Riflesso’ C30 5€
born in 2016 from the meeting of Angelo Bignamini and Luca De Biasi. already busy in the italian. psychedelic and noise rock scene. (The Great Sanuites, Satantango, etc). in the grammatic of Riflesso. magnetic tapes articulate. with modular synthesizers. and improvisation. that the duo manipulates till they. get a canvas of twines and multicolour stitches. curves and corners. sound scraps. calibrated and polished. get born again and find new context in the shape of patterns. repeated sequences. partly repeated. un-repeated. the sound is fluid. fragments come in, move, disappear. opening new spaces to the perception.

NASTRO – ‘gASTRO’ C30 5€
from an idea by Manuel Cascone and Francesco Petricca. a travel through the human body into the mysteries of the digestive system. Everyday inside our organism the food is subject to a very long travel, arduous, a chain of transformations which provides us with nutrition and in many cases we get benefits from. The thirthy minutes of “gASTRO” are the input for an estrangement effect into the surreal journey of the food from the moment we ingest it until its last passage. The adventures of the chewing, the immersion into the acids of the stomach. Not just a recording of those internal landscapes, but the auditory transposition conceived by two visionary minds and fantasies able to transport on the “canvas” (in our case an audio support) theyr “feeling” with rare and absolute expressive freshness.


Goaty Tapes

Drunk Elk – ‘Drunk Elk’
In 2007, the Australian trio Drunk Elk recorded a singular self-titled cassette for Sean Bailey’s Inverted Crux label. Despite limited release, the album circulated through the freakier channels of the international underground via bootlegs, private downloads, and whispered praise. While Drunk Elk has since spawned a string of equally powerful releases, this first album remains exceptional. It is a snapshot of the band in embryo, exuding the kind of vulnerability only achieved when nobody else is listening. Drunk Elk was recorded in Battery Point, a coastal suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, where deep harbors and heavy skies set the appropriate backdrop for the band’s moody, romantic repetition. With keyboard, bass, and singer Dave Elk’s devotional verse as the only instrumentation, the songs are by nature skeletal, but they somehow ooze a luminous melancholy. Sam Acres wrings delicate melodies from the cheapest keyboard presets. Simon Kraus’s bass lilts in and out of time with a blunt, buzzing tone. Dave Elk’s sings with an exalted pathos. Drunk Elk is elegant even in their clumsiness. They hit all the wrong notes at the right moments. Homespun shambles are rendered with strange finesse and a dark, poetic extravagance. When Dave sings Play that strange tune again / That off-key melody, I believe he is singing as his listener—confounded by the music’s strangeness, but captivated by its curious charms.

Russian Tsarlag – ‘Gel Stations Past’
Gel Stations Past brings together tracks from three shadowy self-released cassettes by Russian Tsarlag: Decrepit Gas Station, Living in the Past, and Dipped in Gel. Dubbed in minimal quantities and cloistered for private worship, much of Russian Tsarlag’s recent output remains hard to find. Each of these albums dispersed instantly among friends and fanatics and receded into legend. This record consolidates the great pieces of crooner dejection that typify Tsarlag’s recent music. These are his saddest and slowest-burning songs, drawn in dour guitar, sweeping keyboard, and sedated vocals that teeter well below mid-tempo. Many share a somber two-chord schema that slips in perfect doses of dissonance and distortion. The results are at once refined and totally ragged, seductive, woozy, and smeared in Tsarlag’s shapely four-track atmospherics.


Field Hymns

FH068 Paco Sala – ‘The Silent Seaso’ C41
“The Silent Season is the net result of a full tibiofemoral dislocation, a lot of surgery, a lot of really heavy drugs, a seemingly open-ended period of housebound isolation & a subsequent hazy regression to roots and influences. The Silent Season is a fever-dream, embodying the period of physical stasis & marking a shift from the outsider pop structures of previous releases. Here instead the duo employ delirious, morphing synth structures intertwined with semi-lucid samples and haunting vocals. All tracks were recorded in improvised sessions over the course of January 2016, before being shared for finishing touches in Berlin. Tracks are presented inclusive of the players’ errors, recording mistakes & creative decisions made without reference to consequence.”

FH069 Curved Light – ‘Vast and Infinite’ C31
Expansive, psychedelic, fourth world: these all describe the particular creative resonance that is Curved Light. Vast and Infinite is culled from four years of thinking about (and creating the sonic landscape around) such principles, resulting in the stellar sequence of compositions within. These modular synth and guitar creations, un-tethered to any sort of beat save their internal gravity and structure, showcase the degree to which exceptional sound design can become just as expressive, moving, and symphonic as terrestrial composition. Curved Light is the solo project of Peter Tran: with a record also dropping soon on Austin’s Holodeck Records, he’s sure to blow up fast.


Lighten Up Sounds

GOBLINTROPP – ‘Tunnels Under the Forest’ CS
Goblintropp is the solo project of Friedrich Curwenius of Argentina. “Tunnels Under the Forest” offers a voyage of majestic dungeon synth minimalism in the epic spirit of the classic forefathers of the genre. This physical presentation of the album features the two long-form tracks initially conceived PLUS an all new exclusive track as of yet unheard. Professionally duplicated smoke shell cassette with metallic gold imprint comes packaged in handmade rough cut leather pouch finished with custom heat-brand logo embossing. Each copy is slightly different from the next, certain slight imperfections and variations are normal and should not be considered defects. Includes printed card stock insert. Limited hand numbered edition of 70 copies total, 35 of which are available at this time. Circular ambience balanced by grim narration and dynamic shift, over forty minutes of arcane atmospheres conjuring the forgotten spirits of an ancient age.

JASON MILLARD – ‘Tall Reeds’ CS/8-track cartridge
New full length offering of mutant psych-folk from Jason Millard of Minneapolis. Through blissfully damaged process and somewhat grotesque production values, J. manifests a triumphant return to the imprint with his own singular approach to contemporary “folk” psychedelia. Reel to reel acoustics, all too real. “Tall Reeds” provides a distinctly twisted vision of heavy tape zonk and blown atmospherics, augmenting the conventional spectrum of latter day song-smithery. Professionally duplicated / imprinted white shell cassette comes packaged with fold out double-sided J-card on glossy cardstock featuring two color process print and lyric sheet / photo insert. Edition of 100 copies worldwide, also available as limited edition 8 track cartridge. Garble and moan, zoners carefully mangled.


Tiger Asylum

Snaykhunt~Raft – ‘Artemesia Metamorphous’ CS $5
Edition of 50 cassette tapes in custom screen printed carboard packaging. Artemesia Metamorphous is a collaboration between Brooklyn based artists Kate Henderson/Snaykhunt (Limax Maximus, KoKs) and Pat Noecker/Raft (formerly of These Are Powers and Liars). This is a live studio recording featuring Snaykhunt on sampler and slide synth and Pat Noecker on cell phone and effects. Certain sections could pair well with a Herzog narration, while at other times the rhythm is forward and energetic.


C/Site Recordings

C/S012 THE SHA s/t CS
The Sha is a three piece collective made up of Matthew Earle, Adam Sussmann, and Christian Durham. Those names will seem familiar to those keeping up with the wealth of releases coming out on Earle’s Breakdance the Dawn imprint for the past decade plus. XNoBBQX, XWave, Love Chants, Sun of the Seventh Sister are just a few of the very many projects they dabble in. In The Sha the trio go into definitively psychedelic territory – sometimes of the rock variety, sometimes of a more experimental variety. On this self-titled cassette (their U.S. debut) the improvisations tend towards sustained repetition. They open the tape with an entrancing guitar number that stretches out over endless 1-2-1-2 drums, begging the question how one can maintain such a beat for such a prolonged time? And invoking notions of free and hippy rockers all the same. A later electronic and feedback drenched number is broken up by the occasional flourishes of harmonica and vocals – challenging the machines with simple acoustics to remind us that, however otherworldly it is, this music is in fact made by man. Limited to 75 copies.

C/S0013 XWAVE s/t CS
Unadulterated dirge, scuzz, and weirdness from members of XNoBBQX, Sun of the Seventh Sister, Love Chants and an endless list of others. XWave continues the thug punk tradition from Australia – harnessing the attitude of bands like feedtime and 3 Toed Sloth, while adding their own notions of noise, improvisation and ineptitude. At times reminiscent of Japanese Minor scene acts like Kousokuya or Gaseneta, and even bringing to mind the chopped electronics of Lighthouse-era Shadow Ring (although that comparison tends to end abruptly with a barbaric thud on the floor tom to cue another fuzzed out bass line). Punishing, menacing and unkind, for over a decade XWave has abused strings and skins alike – pounding out a nervous breakdown, just as much as they shout about it. Limited to 75 copies.



Orchestra of Constant Distress is the new Swedish supergroup featuring Joachim Nordwall (Skull Defekts, Alvars Orkester), Anders ‘Drajan’ Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, No Balls), Henrik Rylander and Henrik Andersson. Their self-titled debut Lp on 8mm is a nice slab of Hard Rock from the year 3000. 5 tracks of pure mechanical alienation, built upon very minimal guitar/drums patterns and waves of harsh electronics, sounding pretty much like anything else in the actual noise rock scenario. Limited edition of 200 copies.


Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes CS
Dry Eyes’ debut, now available on professionally-produced cassette, is a unique mix of post-industrial and dark ambient ideas, with reverb-drenched synths and beats evoking strange and unsettling atmospheres. Claustrophobia follows the listener, as an uncertain future weighed heavily on the creator as he made this, with feelings of fear and danger encroaching on everyday life coming into play in the music. A mini-album for a world going mad.



[tzpCS50] cia débutante – ‘burn the evidence’
freedom indoor workshop, eternally temporary composition. lofi spirit, spoken word, guitar, synths. hits from the future.

[tzpCS51] jessop&co. – ‘fresh pond fish’
focused recordings, post-treatment, mind incursion. cinematic trip into the intimacy of strangers. a taste of indian underground.