[tzpCS56] Aymeric de Tapol – ‘Hache de Fer’
side A : synthetic minimal-futurism. multiple rotations & shadok poetry. almost still life. side B : welcome in people’s life. found footage, test strips, technological initiation, dead voices.

[tzpCS57] Vermisst Susi – ‘Jeuk’
power poetry. flemish level 666 licence. squarewave signals. vocal epilepsy. electronic epilepsy. reversed epilepsy.


Irrational Tenant

The New Me – ‘A Beach to Walk Upon’ C40
Tape, voice and synthesizer are utilized to create living patterns of meaning in sound. Through repetition, organic rhythms are realized. Recorded in Jaunary and February 2018.

The New Me – ‘Live at Trixie’s’ C22
Live set recorded on 2.24.17 at Trixie’s in Hamtramck.

Comme à la Radio – ‘In the Memory Unit’ C13
Spoken word collaged with field recordings attain an intimacy in both place and language.

The Glass Path – ‘Convivial Tools’ C13
Long looping tapes triggering electronics.


Fuzzy Warbles

Warmly Lights C30
Seven rare tracks from the elusive Warmly Lights, recorded in the depths of a Minneapolis winter, circa 1995. Armed with an answering machine, a Casio, some Synsonic Drums, and a Wurlitzer Organ rescued from a local Lutheran Church, Warmly Lights committed these meandering delights to 4-track cassette. Unearthed from the vaults, it is now available for the first time for inquisitive ears to enjoy.


Moon Myst

Szdanik Tuuutiitak/Gel Mausoleum – ‘The Weekdays of an Electronic Man’ split C60
A walk through daily electronic oblivion with Szdanik Tuuutiitak (Alexey Nakhodkin – Saint Petersberg, Russia) and Gel Mausoleum. Hallucinatory consciousness-folding free sound for pod people and digital citizens. In the near future our brains will be implanted with sensors to identify “auditory medication”, which are easily cracked in order to live in a constantly lulled state in which the mind is fully active and the body outlives its use. Edition of 40 copies with full-color artwork printed on white vellum paper.

Body Morph – ‘The Three Mothers’ C60
A heavily effected miasma of dark reed and electronic madness. Abominable graven horns moan from rotting soil while corpses spasm from ancestral recall. A gluttonous soup bubbling and throbbing with emulsified plasma. An art edition of 8 numbered and signed copies. Full-color artwork, clear-gooped to classic “L” cassette cases w/stamped vellum insert.

Beast Flower Coiffeuse/Mossy Throats – ‘Membranes Bear Breaths of Traumatic Insemination’ split C30
A dual outpouring of unbalanced psychotic noise from Beast Flower Coiffeuse (Ivo Musa of Solange and Sensual Spasmo infamy) and the Mossy Throats. Three tracks each of solo maniac dungeon circuitry slashing from the outermost realms of exuberantly non-musical bloodlust. The strange only get stranger. Edition of 40 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Tremolo Ghosts/Worker Vs Parasite – ‘Gibraltar/акордеон” split C60
A radiant collection of cozy songs backed with a heavy cloud of deep drone. Tremolo Ghosts’ Owen Chambers (UK) is joined by Annie Gardiner (vocals and mastering) and Lewis Duffy (violin) for nine brilliant songs that feel like the freshest breeze. Worker Vs Parasite’s piece “акордеон” was recorded live in Bristol January 2018. Members known only as Worker (accordion, noises) and Parasite (guitar, paintbrushes) produce a huge, stratified gust of fog that you will be happy to get lost within. Edition of 50 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Fatal Gaze – ‘Ritual Two’ C31
A lucid and unique grim drone offering from Ohio’s Fatal Gaze. The austere duo of Ty Owen and David Reed perform a pitch-black ritual of sooty and nebulous subterranean synth. Tactitions immersed in fathomless research producing and carefully recording the crepuscular and hideous results. Edition of 50 copies with xeroxed artwork printed on vellum paper.

Manuel G – ‘2006-2016’ C90
An incredible cassette of ambient electronic from Manuel G (Southwest Detroit,. MI). Manuel is best known for his prodigious work under his long-running house/experimental moniker MGUN. On this tape Manuel get deep and hazy for the Moon Myst crew with 90 minutes of head-expanding tracks produced between 2006 and 2016. Edition of 75 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Juice Machine – ‘Parallel Patterns’ C40
Jagged and florid electronic noise from Portland’s Juice Machine. These kaleidoscopic side-long trips down the prismatic rabbit hole are like candy to an extraterrestrial moth-humanoid architect, fueling its frantic and mucus-based design process. The viscous white-hot oily substance flows and hardens and multiplies until a structure is finally built, its purpose undecipherable. Its definitely not for us humans. Edition of 50 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.

Obozdur – ‘Raw Expressive Forms Vol.2’ C60
Stunning opaque raw noise from Obozdur (Kamensk Uralsky, Russia). A deep amplified harsh electronic torrent ripping the earth apart until the dust swirls into deep space. Unglued expressions of absurd deep-fried cathodic pandemonium. Edition of 50 copies with full-color artwork printed on vellum paper.


Saint Hewitt

Saint Hewitt – ‘Oblivescence’ C26 $6
Fast paced sonic collages mashing high fidelity and low fidelity tones/sounds. Various drum machines and synths, live and recorded tape samples looped and chopped together, manipulated guitar bits sprinkled throughout. Improvised recordings to 4 track cassette spliced together digitally by DCP (Petty Cash) and GWA (Lester Grovington/Puberty). Wonky rhythmic vibes for wonky minds. Edition of 50.


Easy Listening

Hunting Lodge – ‘Unearthed + Son Of Will’ C60
Physical release of 1982 archival recording “Unearthed”, Hunting Lodge’s recent Silent Records digital release, backed with “Son Of Will” – a side of previously unreleased and rare material recorded in 1983 during the sessions that produced the Will album. This tape marks the return of S/M Operations, 30+ years after dissolution. Professionally duplicated tapes, double sided art. One time limited edition of 150 copies. Released in cooperation with Easy Listening and Silent Records.


Field Hymns

Larry Wish – ‘How More Can You Need?’ $7
The robot that makes the music for the claymation children’s public access shows since the 1970’s is pondering its future and slowly going mad. These days bring infrequent uses for a once wondrous machine: the robust glowing tubes that fueled its warm orange halo are dulled and less insistent. Perhaps inefficiency and glazing is precipitating this lack of clarity of self-purpose and intent. Over the years, our glorious robot has inched closer and closer to the tiny storeroom window and for the past five years has watched the small garden below the tv studio, a flower plot tended to by the maintenance man and his tiny, jolly wife. Now, with no purpose left in this cold, digital future, he still does according to his function, and through the floating dust motes, scores the scene outside. A day will go by and it will have only a stanza done, a line of code/music that keeps slipping, in pitch and in tempo. It fears the future, but it also fears futility, obsolescence, and being alone at the end of its days. In the past all these things have been anathema to the robot but in these last final years, as one force becomes cloudy, the other becomes clarity. It will go on, and there will be another spring. The suite must be done. And the bees still buzz.

Lips and Ribs – ‘Battle in Nagoya’ $7
The pounding of war drums never felt so warm, glamorous, and oddly enough, orange. By the time we reached Level Four to face the big boss, the team had stripped their DayGlo Body Glove war suits in favor of leather boxers and multi-scale camouflage torso paint, and blended in perfectly between the decay of the large appliance salvage yard and the borderlands of the forest. As the first salvo rained down upon us from on high, Team Leader Count Lips discharged a paint cannon, occluding a great deal of the large robots single eye, allowing us to quickly slip between its legs unchallenged and attack from the rear with our grenades and electro-pulse charges. With the last obstacle behind us, we finally lay sight upon our ancestral homeland, unseen by most of our team, green and verdant, stretching to the horizon behind the big boss like a undulating turquoise sea. Wordlessly charging in unison towards our destiny and perhaps glorious death, we feel the future on our faces like warm rain and the tides of history behind us, filling our footsteps with dark stars.

Oxykitten – ‘Gleeking the Cube’ $7
As Martina goes out to fetch the post, a small glowing orb glides in behind her, slowly picking up speed as it starts to circumnavigate the room. Still occupied with the stack of circulars, she does not notice as this curious floating pinball picks up speed, softly caroming off walls in a mostly silent tattoo, like a turbocharged housefly with some intelligent and deadly purpose. Round and round, in increased figure eight patterns from top to bottom, it weaves itself an increasingly tangled & tight pattern until, almost too quick to see, it finally finds (sees) the small door to the second landing and fires at rifle speed up the stairs, suddenly expanding exponentially into a flat disk that from the time it hits the top of the landing and rockets upward, has become the width of a small sitting room. The disk (room), aided by its velocity and strength, hits the ceiling with such force it explodes the roof clean off its moorings and into the sky. Flabbergasted neighbors later said that the roof flew straight up completely intact, unvarying in its ascent and speed until disappearing into the bright noon sun somewhere above Manchester.


Sonic Mediations

STARCHILD – ‘Internal Alchemy’ CS
Kate Rose is Star Child, from Portland, Oregon. Her debut album is a heavy drifting bed of synth explorations following in the footsteps of such great underground female synth pioneers like Suzanne Ciani, Pauline Anna Strom and Ruth White. A cerebral melodic journey in to outer space, Rose creates beautifully sculpted landscapes surely inspired by the Pacific Northwest’s scenery. Limited edition of 70, immediate audio download from Bandcamp.

EXPO 70 – ‘Mother Universe Has Birthed Her Last Cosmos’ CS/2xCD/LP
Collects the Universal Tonge and Small Doses “Ostara” 3”CDr tracks that have never been re-released. Newly mastered, the LP/CS downloads include 2 out-of-print cassette-only releases from Gold Soundz, “Woolgather Visions” and “Mechanical Elements”. “Mother Universe…” features Matt Hill from Umberto on analog drum machine, synth and bass alongside Justin Wright’s tripped-out guitar ambiance. The session was hugely inspired by Manuel Göttsching’s legendary recording “E2E4”. CS / LP (May) / 2xCD (Zoharum).

ML Wha – ‘The Divine Interval’ DL
Two automatic compositions exploring the ancient Sufi healing chord, Reiki symbols, and vocal overtoning. To utilize in sound healing applications: focus the deepest note on the root chakra, the middle tone on the solar plexus chakra, and the high tone on the throat chakra. Harmonize these areas and project the “healing wind” overtone to the specific area in need of healing. If you are able to visualize violet-colored emanations produced by the sound, send these also to the area in need. For JGW. CS on Flower Room Records.


Space Slave Editions

Attenuated – ‘Ideomotor’ C30 $8
Pro-duplicated 30 minute cassette. Music by Ian Kennedy. J card by Bun Suzuki. Space Slave 33. Ed 100.

Excavacations & Azaleas – ‘Glasgow & Invocation’ C46 $8
Type II 46 minute cassette. Excavacations is Chad Parsons and Nicholas Longworth. Azaleas is Kyle Wade and Alice Andres Wade. J card by Carl Koopmans. Space Slave 32

Vermillion Father – ‘A Land in Which Only One Foot is Planted’ C60 $8
Pro-duplicated 60 minute cassette. Music by Jonathan Sacha. J card Bun Suzuki. Space Slave 31. Ed. 100.


Upside Down Recordings

CRISTIANO CAROSI – ‘Botanica’ C30 5€
“Botanica” is the first work published by Cristiano Carosi whih his real name. Moving to this new vest there’s the idea of “uncovering” unseen relashionships between sound objects, the research of new intersections and combinations through electronic instruments and synthesis filtered by effects and magnetic tapes like a diaphram for a fotographer impressing his film. “With my filters I dose the materials i play, find and record, different elements and couples of sounds, reproduced and observed while they re-grow together; I let them take their own space and time measuring this flow to keep and alterate the balance at the same time, leaving empty spaces and silence to a new dialogue”. He has recorded music with the shoegaze band Sea Dweller and is part of CYMBLS, a psychedelic band that experiments with sound and electronic with a minimal approach. With his solo project HERBAL RESEARCH he elaborates short studies of sound collage from samples, electronic synthesis and acoustic instruments on the tapes “Sound Non Sound” for Upside Down Recordings, his own label focused on experimental new sounds (Nastro, Filtro, Julien A.Lacroix, Angélica Castelló).

Angélica Castelló – ‘DOS CUACOCHIS’ C12 5€
Cuacochi in Nahuatl language means “to sleep in a tree”.
As a wind player myself I have always been particularly fascinated by the sound of the air through my instruments. As a performer and improviser I have developed a big palette of wind sounds, mixing them with related sounds such as static radio noise and white noise.