C/Site Recordings

C/S012 THE SHA s/t CS
The Sha is a three piece collective made up of Matthew Earle, Adam Sussmann, and Christian Durham. Those names will seem familiar to those keeping up with the wealth of releases coming out on Earle’s Breakdance the Dawn imprint for the past decade plus. XNoBBQX, XWave, Love Chants, Sun of the Seventh Sister are just a few of the very many projects they dabble in. In The Sha the trio go into definitively psychedelic territory – sometimes of the rock variety, sometimes of a more experimental variety. On this self-titled cassette (their U.S. debut) the improvisations tend towards sustained repetition. They open the tape with an entrancing guitar number that stretches out over endless 1-2-1-2 drums, begging the question how one can maintain such a beat for such a prolonged time? And invoking notions of free and hippy rockers all the same. A later electronic and feedback drenched number is broken up by the occasional flourishes of harmonica and vocals – challenging the machines with simple acoustics to remind us that, however otherworldly it is, this music is in fact made by man. Limited to 75 copies.

C/S0013 XWAVE s/t CS
Unadulterated dirge, scuzz, and weirdness from members of XNoBBQX, Sun of the Seventh Sister, Love Chants and an endless list of others. XWave continues the thug punk tradition from Australia – harnessing the attitude of bands like feedtime and 3 Toed Sloth, while adding their own notions of noise, improvisation and ineptitude. At times reminiscent of Japanese Minor scene acts like Kousokuya or Gaseneta, and even bringing to mind the chopped electronics of Lighthouse-era Shadow Ring (although that comparison tends to end abruptly with a barbaric thud on the floor tom to cue another fuzzed out bass line). Punishing, menacing and unkind, for over a decade XWave has abused strings and skins alike – pounding out a nervous breakdown, just as much as they shout about it. Limited to 75 copies.



Orchestra of Constant Distress is the new Swedish supergroup featuring Joachim Nordwall (Skull Defekts, Alvars Orkester), Anders ‘Drajan’ Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, No Balls), Henrik Rylander and Henrik Andersson. Their self-titled debut Lp on 8mm is a nice slab of Hard Rock from the year 3000. 5 tracks of pure mechanical alienation, built upon very minimal guitar/drums patterns and waves of harsh electronics, sounding pretty much like anything else in the actual noise rock scenario. Limited edition of 200 copies.


Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes CS
Dry Eyes’ debut, now available on professionally-produced cassette, is a unique mix of post-industrial and dark ambient ideas, with reverb-drenched synths and beats evoking strange and unsettling atmospheres. Claustrophobia follows the listener, as an uncertain future weighed heavily on the creator as he made this, with feelings of fear and danger encroaching on everyday life coming into play in the music. A mini-album for a world going mad.



[tzpCS50] cia débutante – ‘burn the evidence’
freedom indoor workshop, eternally temporary composition. lofi spirit, spoken word, guitar, synths. hits from the future.

[tzpCS51] jessop&co. – ‘fresh pond fish’
focused recordings, post-treatment, mind incursion. cinematic trip into the intimacy of strangers. a taste of indian underground.


Kirlian Recordings

Stuart Chalmers – ‘Imaginary Musicks vol. I – V’ 4CDr
5 volumes in 4 CD, almost four hours of music. Each volume presents a different aspect in the world of the unreal. The series is a re-imagining of old, dusty and forgotten cassette samples. Each piece a decayed relic of a lost civilization from a past/future that never was. A sort of fanta-cosmogony formed from improvisations using cassette tape, synths, effect pedals and a circuit bent keyboard. Fans of Nurse With Wound, Aaron Dilloway, Tom Recchion and William Basinski n won’t be disappointed. edition of 50 copies.

Ivory Trade – ‘The Untold Gaze’ CS
Like fragments of almost shattered memories from a personal audio archive of (micro)cassettes. edition of 50 copies.


Already Dead Tapes

AndroidSpace – ‘Beautiful Mistakes’
“AndroidSpace are an East Coast duo who have spent over two decades as graffiti and hip-hop heads, finding much inspiration in their record collections. On their debut album, ‘Beautiful Mistakes’, the two channel that inspiration into homage with genre-bending compositions that meld new wave, witch house, shoegaze and even hip-hop. The album is a sprawling collection of deeply personal stories and experiences, with a surprising range of instrumentation, emotion and style. The album’s first single “Atmosphere” is a slow and brooding number, with heavy vocal delay and an industrial beat that set the tone for the album. Another highlight comes from “Jamage Voltron”, a heartfelt track that explores themes of love and loss, a reoccurring theme among the album’s 19 tracks, with a heavy hip-hop beat and vocal influence driving the album forward. Some of the album’s catchiest moments come from its ballads “Before We Go” and “Retrieve Our Bones”, the latter being one of the album’s highest points.


Nothing Out There

Threes And Will – ‘Purge Of Genden’ C46
There’s a definitively dystopian zeitgeist to Threes & Will’s last output. Always noisier and more on the headbanging mantraïc style, this eclectic Estonian venture sounds inspired by famous filmmakers Konstantin Lopushansky and Piotr Szulkin, making it an excellent soundtrack to your next local polling day. Turn off the sound of the TV set, smash the remote on the wall and press play on that tape player. It’s been waiting to get back in service for too long.

Draisine – ‘Cave Sessions’ C90
Being able to record at home, down in the basement, made long improvised sessions possible, collecting hours of materials… which I really didn’t see any point in editing or mixing anymore. I usually end up throwing away hours of work in front of the digital treadmill so there, here they are, the raw and uncooked, in the form of variable combinations. There’s a total of nearly 8 hours, each order gets a 90mn tape including a random selection. 100% improvised electric guitar & effects. The whole is available on bandcamp and there’s also a unique copy available to order with all material on 5 tapes.


Monorail Trespassing

[mt110cs] Slow Tongued Beauty – ‘Sopportare’ C28
Sopportare translates into english as ’to bear’ — and it is a dark journey through aggressive electronic synthesis transitioning from calmer passages of modular minimalism, to arrhythmic industrial jackhammer brutality, noise cut-ups and harrowing, dramatic sound design, each with razor-sharp precision. Slow Tongued Beauty is the project of Ryan Scott Kerr, based in Philadelphia. Edition of 100 copies, with artwork by Catherine Mulligan.

[mt111cs] Hostage Pageant – ‘Extinguisher’ C20
Breakneck noise suffocation from Shane Church, taking the project back to it’s inception with two short, sharp shocks of fire and smoke that maintain the rawness and fluidity of live dynamics; no breaks, no breathing room, no subtlety. Edition of 100 copies, with artwork by Shane Church + JB.



Rainbow Island – ‘Crystal Smerluvio Riddims’ LP
Rainbow Island are an interdimensional-psych band based in Rome, Italy. Crystal Smerluvio Riddims is their second LP following their acclaimed debut RNBW, released in2012, two cassette releases and their participation in theInterdimensional Folklore Vol. I compilation release by the Milan Communion collective in late 2016. They are a prominent voice in the Italian psych underground and in the Rome psych community that gravitates around the DalVerme club, the Thalassa festival and bands such as Mai Mai Mai and Heroin in Tahiti. Rainbow Island explore interdimensional territories and frequencies coming from distant universes and unchanneled frequencies. Their sound brings together elements of electronics, psych-space rhythms and temporal explorations. RNBW was meant to be the inauguration of the project and the launch of the journey to the unexplored Bongolandia, while Crystal Smerluvio Riddims is the continuation of the exploration, brought to a more mature and conscious level. In this new album Rainbow Island’sfuturistic psychedelia meets dub and primitive rhythms. Crystal Smerluvio Riddims is released jointly by Flying Kids Records (FKR) – FKR also released Rainbow Island’s first album RNBW in 2012 – and the Rome-based NO=FI Recordings, that already worked with Rainbow Island in 2013 for the tape Road to Mirapuri. The graphics project for the new album has been curated by multi-artist Canedicoda, who is also responsible for the experimental project Ottaven



Donato Epiro – ‘Rubisco’ LP
Rubisco is the second full length album from Donato Epiro. Following his debut album Fiume Nero (2014), the young Italian composer has moved from the raw primordial chaos that characterised his first work to develop a reflection on how a hypothetical absence of humans and biological life could modify industrialized and civilized spaces. Using field recordings, obscure samples and FM synthesis, Epiro draws his abstract landscapes as a series of overexposed and imprecise pictures made by concrete and organic architectures, amorphous rhythmic patterns, repetitive sequences broken by oblique elements that seems looking for a new active role into the ecosystem. Exploring communication and transitions between the inanimate side of the existing and the living one, the sound of Rubisco seems to be pulled out from the walls of an abandoned building or captured while it is lying on the ground of empty spaces or fluctuating like fine dust through the light. It leads the listener into a form of “after rave” limbo, or a personal hiding place, where the head projects only the image of the sounds you’ve listened to during your human experience. The result is a record that plays with taut minimal touches, inspired by the work of Egisto Macchi and Angus MacLise, alongside the sonic delirium recently dreamed up by the likes of Demdike Stare and Fis. Mastered by Neel. Ltd LP to 300, cut by Beau Thomas. Artwork photography by Kazuma Obara.