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Cruel Nature

Score – ‘Post-Everything’
Score is the solo project of Chris Tate, known for his work with d_rradio; producers of a number of notable atmospheric electronica cuts from the early 2000s. ‘Post Everything’ is his latest album for Cruel Nature, following ‘Modern Wreck’ (2020), ‘Vent’ (2018) and his debut, ‘Slump’ (2016). 50 copies.

Dolores Mondo Stash – ‘Folklore Of Despair’
Dolores Mondo Stash has been around since 2017 and it is the solo project of Romanian artist Dan Tecucianu. Since the beginning, Dolores Mondo Stash was a vessel for sound experimentation, from different recording techniques to different styles and influences; from industrial, noise to no-wave, psychedelic and ambient. ‘Folklore of Despair’ is a six-track album, built from decaying, surreal tape loop sounds and atmospheric synth-scapes. 40 copies.

Gnäw – ‘I’
The Finnish-Iranian duo Gnäw create improvised, experimental music utilizing traditional local instruments and modular synthesizers. ‘I’ is their debut album, consisting of effortless, free channeling tracks that have appeared as a result of musical dialogue and contemplation. 40 copies.

Coaxial – ‘Neo/ism’
Coaxial is one of a number of musical vehicles for musician and academic Benjamin J. Heal. Coaxial represents the outlet for his explorations in instrumental electronica, and on Neo/ism there’s humour and wordplay not just in the song titles, but in the compositions themselves. This is apt, given that the Neoist art movement was largely satirical in its purpose. A vintage organ synth sound and even more vintage drum machine track that kick starts the album, landing between chillwave and krautrock. 40 copies.



Inachis – ‘Beach Erosion’
Inachis is a Brooklyn born-n-raised experimental guitarist with an album of short instrumental sketches based on the secret lives of sand crabs (kind of)–and releasing on 6/11. It’s actually about connecting with the small bits of shore that are an intergenerational place–mostly unchanged in setting and use–in a city where gentrification has made “home” feel smaller and scattered.


Dinzu Artefacts

LAMIEE. – ‘Fisica’
Conceptually inspired by the ancient folklore of Piedmontese witches known as “masche.” Occupying a liminal space, Fisica is presented in 7 forms which reveal a spiritual transformation, appearing and disappearing, ancient and at the same time contemporary.

Merzbow – ‘Kazakiribane’
A pulsating onslaught of layered harsh noise.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Ben Owen – ‘Point Rest, Falls’
Minimal ambience that exudes a warmth and personality, enhanced by environmental sounds. An intimate documentation of the duo’s first meeting.



ALEXANDRA SPENCE & MP HOPKINS – ‘The Divine For Me Is Whatever Is Real’ CS
Alexandra Spence and MP Hopkins are sound makers living and working on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. Using foil, flutes, tuning forks, tones, tapes, tiny bananas, stones, mouths + more, their work explores the spatial and sculptural elements of a practice in experimental sound. The result is a document that moves through states of amorphous sonic density, rattle and clunk, magnetic drift, and instrumental sounds both trill and tentative. The album’s title is borrowed from Clarice Lispector’s The Passion According to G.H.

T.D. – ‘Standing Water’ CS
T.D. is the personal sound project of Thomas DeAngelo, based in Philadelphia, USA. For his music compositions he uses cassette recordings as the main source of sound. His approach is non academic, creating rough collages with distorted field recordings, various improvisations with founded objects and ready-made sounds. “Standing Water” is including two long compositions, with recordings from 2016-2019. B-side feat Allen Mozek, Jim Strong, Stewart Skinner.



cascading synthesizers for virtual getaways. emotional overlays & accidental shoegaze. or how to spice up your vacation departures.

rhythmic rituals & aborted starts. face to face sillicium drums. special guest mc nunu for a ragga-dancefloor shot.

figurative abstraction & sonic surgery. found worlds vs forced structures. speculative drifts on magnetic tape.



The post-production electronic processings of Machinefabriek enabled the musicians to go to unpredictable consequences: a puzzling sort of cybernetic tribal music, primeval dance rhythms associated with the space imaginaries introduced by Sun Ra but also Tangerine Dream.

OKER – ‘Susurrus’
There are inspirations here from folk, minimal composed music, improvised music and maybe even post rock, all formed in a way that sounds like nothing but Oker. “Sussurus” gives us a kind of concrète, acousmatic music where tapes or electronic devices are replaced by acoustic instruments. And it sounds beautifully.


Geology Records

STRATA25 – Rhucle – ‘Simple Air’
An album that lives and breathes in a way that doesn’t so much as mimic nature as join along with it in playing its song. Edition of 75 on cassette with slipcase a full-color art.


Cruel Nature

VHS¥DEATH – ‘La Llorona (Love & All The Hate) – expanded edition’
VHS¥DEATH is the solo project of Natalie Wardle (also of industrial/art-punk band Returning Videotapes) ‘La Llorona (Love & All The Hate)’ is her acclaimed debut album, released on cassette and CD by Industrial Coast and Cacophonous Revival in 2019-2020. This expanded edition couples the debut album with the original Returning Videotapes demos, live tracks and other rarities. Bringing them together for the first time as a 16-track double album, on a double-cassette with new and original artwork by James Watts. Dark, eerie, haunting industrial sounds provide the canvas for Natalie’s open and at times brutally honest lyrics; passionate and devotional. FFO Psychic TV, Cold Cave, Drab Majesty, early 80s synth-stark post-punk.


Purple Akronym

Meadow Argus – ‘Meadow Argus II’
After a five year absence, Ohio-based Meadow Argus returns with “Meadow Argus II”. Warm and woozy sounds unspool across a half hour of experimental musique concrete. Heavy on muddy tape loops that slowly shift as odd sounds flutter in and out. Slow, warm tones and rich textures from a dying polyphonic air/reed organ and other alien unexplainable sounds floating around from field recordings, keyboards, a coconut thumb piano, and other weird things. Best listened to with headphones on and eyes closed to fully zone out and float away. Recorded Nov 2020 – Jan 2021 at Lilleypad Studios in Columbus, Ohio. Pro-dubbed cassette tape on clear shells with imprinting, with double-sided full color artwork by Pearl Morgan. Edition of 100. Meadow Argus is the solo project of Tynan Krakoff (Columbus, OH). His debut tape was released on DNT Records (2015) and is out of print.


Ethereal Mother Tapes

Patrick R. Pärk/Polypores split CS
Split tape featuring an hour of electronic New Age bliss-outs from Patrick R. Pärk (Fort Collins, CO, USA) and Polypores (Preston, UK). Digital album includes a bonus track and video. Album released May 7, 2021. Limited edition of 50 clear cassettes with goldsheet released by Ethereal Mother Tapes. Sold out.