Cruel Nature

Poppy H – ‘Grave Era’
Multi-instrumentalist, field recordist and producer Poppy H captures sound & music via an openly recording phone, before mixing and mastering on the same device. This ultra lo-fi approach befits H’s improvisational and instinctive tendencies on this, his follow up to debut album “NOTHING IS PERFECT, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT”. “GRAVE ERA” draws a line in the sand between domestic and global conflict; in a world where overpriced flat whites and skinny lattes are served against a rolling backdrop of death, destruction and displacement. A class war rages externally and internally as H moves around the UK capital voyeuristically bottling fleeting exchanges, an outsider looking in, before heading to the eastern most point of the country to chant aloud, and onto his own living spaces where the familiar assault of modern appliances and construction work meet melancholy and hauntingly hopeful passages of improvised and crafted electronic and acoustic compositions.

Orchard – ”Til You Fall Down’
Veterans of London bands Baaneex. Magic Mist, Giant Burger, Night Pain and Melge, Joel and Rosie headed to North Yorkshire and formed Orchard in 2022. Debut album “‘Til You Fall Down” is a wonder of lo-fi indie garage punk, a captured moment in time, recalling the spirit and fizzing pure energy of C86, and K Records bands such as Beat Happening.

Charlie Butler – ‘Wild Fictions’
Charlie Butler is a Lanarkshire based artist who began a series of solo releases in 2021 exploring psychedelic, ambient, heavy and hypnotic sounds alongside being a member of Cody Noon, Neutraliser with Mike Vest, Mothertrucker and Head Drop. He has had work published by Weird Beard, Cruel Nature, Fuzzed Up & Astromoon, and Panurus Productions. “Wild Fictions” sees Butler exploring similar territories as his previous guitar-based works, but with dominant keyboards and synths creating a motorik kosmische air with touches of ‘Recurring’ era Spacemen 3 / Sonic Boom’s Spectrum

Exsanguinated Roommate – ‘Lurking’
An off-shoot project from Paul Foreman of Salisman (with support from Salisman members Chris Tate and Jon Raedeke), Exsanguinated Roommate was developed during 2023. The debut album “Lurking” retains all the classic songwriting hooks and melodies that Salisman are famed for, nudging the experimental psychedelic edge a little further, with slide glances to 80s pop-rock and Flaming Lips eclecticism.


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