Slow Fidelity

[slo-fi_023] The Age Of Heroes – ‘Eight Ornaments Of Patience’ CD $10USD
Juba musician and philosophy student Anda Wondu started recording music as The Age Of Heroes while attending high school overseas in Maryland. This album of eight songs spans the work of over ten years refining technique in true DIY fashion, but more influence from metal, hip-hop and film soundtracks than punk and noise. Evolving synthesizer melodies are pushed by big guitars, big 909, big bass(es). 100% authentic mid ’00s sound. FFO Mogwai & Death Note OST. Second pressing of 500 copies.

[slo-fi_31] thirteencolonies s/t CS $5USD
Cassette version of the original tour cd-r from 2012. Delay-soaked electronica with a side of jazz combo slam poetry. This release is limited to 100 copies.

[slo-fi_037] thirteencolonies – ‘thirteencolonies II’ CD $9USD
Nine-song album by the thirteencolonies project. Still influenced by dub, jazz, and goth, now focused on the Ensoniq ZR-76 workstation feeling like a throwback to the earliest Paul Joyner solo work. Psychedelic new-wave. Compact disc, edition of 500.

[slo-fi-045] Digital Research – ‘Port/MD’ 7″ $7USD
Two instrumentals recorded at Barclay House in Baltimore. 45 rpm w/ big hole. 300 copies on black vinyl.

[slo-fi_050] Digital Research – ‘Virtual Research’ LP $15USD
Lonesome synthesizer ghosts sweeping over an urban graveyard of chopped tape beats. 300 copies on “kyoho ice cream” vinyl

[slo-fi_045] Blair – ‘Heart’ C60 $6USD
Blair started summer 2016 in Idaho Springs, CO. First moving down to Denver to spend a year on writing and recording demos, the band moved to Maryland to complete the line-up and started playing shows on the U$A’s east coast. This recording was tracked inside a cold Pennsylvania farmhouse next to a fireplace. Psychedelic “emo”-inspired folk-rock. Side A is the original EP. Side B are live versions in the same order, from performances at Rhizome in Takoma Park and WMUC radio station in College Park. Some cassettes are green, some are white. 100 copies total.

[slo-fi_051] Blair – ‘Dark Woods’ CD $10USD
The trio returns to the woods of the Susquehanna Valley to record longer and darker jams than their first EP, vocals do not appear until the third song. More experimentation towards the split directions of industrial-metal and “new romantic”-inspired pop. 500 CDs in digipacks.


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