Food People – ‘Animal Work’ £4(World)
A trio, a gang, a hazard – Lila Matsumoto, Matthew Hamblin & Greg Thomas (formally of Helhesten). Sun-drenched fuzz guitar & roaming drones swirl unsettlingly across side A while screeching violinesques tumble out of the shadows down into the ravine. A touch of mumbled wordery fights off the tremors & we’re back on solid ground as the tape runs out….PHEW. B sees yet more cosmic chaos drones folding, escaping, attacking, decaying. It’s crumpled psych for the BitCoin Milliners. Railway rhythms & the soft snow of deep white noise lull you gently off while a thick membrane of sonic throb slowly siphons your sense of self off through your fire-damaged ears. Music for plant growers – botanical bozos.

Sindre Bjerga – ‘Impromptu’ £4(World)
Improvised live work from The Crystal King. Recored 100% live at the IMIR art space, Stavanger in Norway. It’s thunderous clomping & clattering with minor vocal cacophony across “Le 1er Slab”, as the French say. Trapped underneath the escalator, watching the world above through the cracks in the metal steps – you’re part of the problem Alan. Side B offers no respite from the confusion. The snake charmer they call him, cause o’ all that beautiful hiss. Storm clouds gather on the horizon while your garden falls apart – good bye chair, good bye plant pot, good bye. I hear if you’re a real bad person, you get reincarnated as a tape that lives in SB’s mangle bag – torn limb from limb by sound artist night after night after night…

Anne-F Jacques & Takuji Naka – ‘Fuyu’ £4(World)
Anne-F Jacques is a sound artist (Canadienne), Takuji Naka is from Japan Island. Fuyu is a 28 minute study into the quiet clockwork of repetition, distance & solitude. Grandad fixing the Dyson then jammin’ cross-wise on the reel-to-reel – grand pere est fixe l’hoover. You’d normally expect this classy affair to appear on the Hideous Replica label, but not in this case. Fuyu is a rare & beautiful thing indeed & one for meditative afternoons or late night lullabillicus. Limited to 58 copies with minimalist on-tape printing & recycled paper insert + non-recycled main insert.

Posset – ‘Cooperation Makes Us Wise…’ £4(World)
A new alignment from the mighty Posset of the North East. Dictaphone scrambling on the furthest dune & a softer, more thoughtful Posset is spotted here. Rustling, re-tuning & muttering his way through a wind-swept landscape under a scarred sonic sky. A huge, cyclopean sound collage with great shifting blocks of vibration – listen loud to unleash the hidden proto-lithic resonance capabilities (LRC). Dirt-grey tapes & ‘halftone carnival’ on-tape stickers. Limited to around 45 copies.


Fragment Factory

JEAN-LUC GUIONNET & THOMAS TILLY – ‘Stones, Air, Axioms / Delme’ 2LP
»Stones, Air, Axioms« is an ongoing art and research project by French sound artists Jean-Luc Guionnet and Thomas Tilly, dealing with the complex relationships between sound and architecture. Delme is the third phase within this venture. By virtue of its history and exceptional acoustics, Delme’s former synagogue is the ideal setting for a customised, on-site sound installation. Guionnet and Tilly are deliberately leaving the place empty, giving visitors an experience of both visual and sound architecture. By supplementing the built space with frequencies, as well as voices, instrumental notes, rhythms and silence, the artists offer everyone a special listening situation: whether this listening is drifting or attentive, static or mobile, it is guaranteed to give visitors a different perception of the place, which is remoulded by the volume of air it contains and by the sound travelling through it. Released in association with Centre d’art contemporain – la synagogue de Delme. Comes with high quality lossless download option of the full album. Edition of 300 copies on white vinyl.



Richmond Avant Improv Collective – ‘Communion / Il Delirio E La Mortalità Di Amore’ 2CDr
Two ecstatically mind-bending free-improv face-melters and esoteric soul-healers from RAIC (the Richmond Avant Improv Collective) in one 2-disc set. ‘Communion’ and ‘Il Delirio E La Mortalità Di Amore’ are RAIC’s 3rd and 4th albums, respectively. Ranging from traditional free-jazz combo improvisations to distorted noise jams and lush, global drones, the two albums span an impressive breadth of vision as well as offering an eclectic, yet unified, listening experience. Double boutique numbered edition. Lino block printed outer sleeve, stamped inner envelopes, hand-stamped CD-Rs, full-colour insert/poster.

Heavy Moon – ‘Heavy Moon XII’ C46
On their twelfth journey into the cosmos, Heavy Moon once again leaves the stratosphere in a trail of smoke to hitch a ride on the astral drift. Acid guitars orbit over kosmische synths and motorik rhythms while waves of fuzz crash upon alien shores. C46 high-bias cassette. Comes in envelope sleeve with colour insert card.

Partli Cloudi – ‘Pet Smells’ C30
Periodically, Vancouver Island librarian Partli Cloudi emerges from the periodicals stacks and offers up another cut-up, broke-down, sideways look at the world through the textual magic of sound. Pet Smells finds PC stretching his muscles a little, in his words: “I was purposely trying to tap into more of a Three Feet High and Rising meets Smiley Smile type of record, and questioning if humour and joy can have a place in music versus more ‘acceptable’ emotions like angst, sadness, and ironically… melancholy. I guess when I said ‘music’, I meant like boring indie / underground / experimental music… putting the mental back in experimental. Don’t quote me on that though.” C30, high bias cassette, in printed envelope with insert card and dime bag of genuine pet hair.

Gad Whip – ‘Trapped In A Pin Hole Camera’ C38
All day every day, making tomorrow seem like yesterday. The musical ennoblement of the Big Time Television pirate music video channel in Max Headroom, GAD WHIP come on like a nightmare wedding of Mad Max and Bladerunner with their anarchistic trash heap of tripped-out industrial post-punk. Trapped In A Pin Hole Camera features the core trio of Amos, Bolam and Davies aided and abetted by Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Astral Social Club etc), Paul Walsh (Smell & Quim, Foldhead etc), Jimbo Baxter (Freaks Union, The Fuckin’ Glorious etc), Eva Davies & Ryan Walker (both on extra guitar & bass duties). Recorded in several kitchens throughout the summer of 2017 in West Yorkshire, UK, with “one mic and a busking amp” the band claims, though the recording is by no means the lo-fi shambles that implies. C38, Printed envelope, full colour insert card.

Eiyn Sof – ‘Meadow Thrum’ C32
It’s a murmuring attempt at animating an imagined landscape, and all manner of anthropomorphic entity within. I’ve been thinking of this album as druidic lore-play; it’s some pretty decadent fantasy. Hyper visual and hyper surrealistic, as far as lyrics are concerned. Threading in a lot of ’irreverent’ and intentionally loose percussive and organic sounds among more careful and familiar melodic stuff, which is gently reflective, I think, of the overarching concept and heart of the thing: play between two worlds. Above/below. Sound: a whole lotta sprawling polyphonic vocal stuff, including a small men’s chorus, droning, and percussion using throat, tongue and breath. Lots of table-tapping, hairbrush-bristles-on-paper, jewellery jangling, and some cutting and pasting of found battle sounds (swords clinking, drop-kicks, etc.) And of course, analog synth (Juno 60) and piano, acoustic string instruments (toy guitars, autoharp), electric bass, and bird song- mostly cardinals, robins and grackles. High bias transparent gold cassette. Housed in printed envelope with insert card.


Field Hymns

Ancient Ocean – ‘Neró: A Collection of Works 2010-2016’ C31
Brooklyn’s Ancient Ocean has long occupied a unique & sublime tonal intersection of cosmic ambience and earthly heft, a line hard for most to straddle, much less with such success. On his latest for Field Hymns, John Bohannon’s instrumental soundscapes illuminate a curious mind at work: by keeping these tracks in their mostly skeletal form, they provide a lens into his process from the ground up and deliver a nuanced minimalist program of an artist at the top of his game.


Whited Sepulchre

Kyle Bobby Dunn/Wayne Robert Thomas split LP
Kyle Bobby Dunn’s first physical release since 2014’s And the Infinite Sadness is a warm, albeit compressed, sequel to that universally acclaimed 3xLP. In “THE SEARCHERS”, the Canadian composer’s sidelong composition is still set adrift in a sea of infinite nostalgia and reflections of past selves but with an ascending lightness that gleams at the contours of Dunn’s most personal and affecting work. “The Searchers”, named after the John Ford film, meditates on the way in which the imposing expansiveness of the American West worked upon the minds of its inhabitants who fought, lost and did terrible things to each other in their attempt to claim it. The West, like the slipstream of the course of events in a life, offers no resolution and shakes off any narrative that attempts to define it. Wayne Robert Thomas is an Indianapolis based musician who composes drones like sculpting in wet cement, each movement turning slowly upwards while simultaneously being locked into time and space. His first appearance on vinyl, Wayne Robert Thomas’s deeply felt composition “Voyevoda” utilizes processed electric guitar to fill all available space with lofty and spacious tones that lose nothing of their clarity as the float up to the rafters before settling back down to the nave. A stirring counterpoint Dunn’s composition, “Voyevoda” keenly examines one’s fidelity to unconquerable nostalgia.


Green House

ATMWorld – ‘Dondadi’ CS
Green House is proud to present ATMWorld, the first full-length album from Connor Hanwick under the Dondadi moniker. As a musician and producer involved in numerous projects over the last ten years, Hanwick’s recent work as Dondadi sees an effortless shift into the modern experimental realm. Through the marriage of synthetic and acoustic instruments, ATMWorld settles into a unique listening space. Striking a balance between classical and contemporary conventions, Hanwick nods to elemental aspects of musique concrète such as active listening and acousmatic sound through his use of field recordings and internet ephemera. Simultaneously, themes and effects exercised in contemporary electronic music are seamlessly woven into each composition. Digital manipulation and heavy layering of melodies and chordal motifs define ATMWorld’s nuanced shifts in perspective. Futuristic lullabies softly carry the listener into shimmering, fragmented bursts of emotion – sharp, abstract and holographic.


Green Records

Life Recorder Vol. 2‘ VHS
Second VHS compilation of live sets captured in Michigan during Summer 2017. All recorded to Hi8 and edited to VHS. 60 minutes of excerpts from sets by: Anla Courtis/John Olson/Cyrus Pireh, Thom Elliott, Tyler Hicks, Viki, Devotional, Vullmoxx, Church Shuttle, Sick Llama, Little Princess, and Charlie Draheim. Edition of 27 numbered copies, dubbed 1:1 in SP mode on Fuji T-60 tapes. NTSC only. All orders come with a DVDr copy of last year’s Life Recorder Vol. 1 which featured 30 minutes of excerpts of sets from: Skin Graft, Shades, C.R. Odette, Noise Nomads, Lidless Eye, Jessie & The Eels, Nobody’s Children, Crode, Cruudeuces, Crib Breath, 1%er, and Dog Lady Island.


Natural Transgressions

Mantle – ‘There is Nothing New Under the Sun’ C30
Mantle creates addictive synthwave melodies on this release. Edition of 50.


Os Três Amigos

OTA018 buta nite – ‘os charnecos’ C28
There are many Iberian magpies in America living in vans. There are many Iberian magpies living here. They spread havoc, they are killed without mercy, without mercy they destroy. Everything is wicked, and yet their blue… l’azur, l’azur, l’azur!

OTA019 cactólogo – ‘vol. 1’ C23
The boats will break wonders. I told my friend once: the boats will break wonders. But we were too obsessed, somehow rightfully, with our own misery. So three times three we accelerated through wonders, and speed and hunger rushed over parrots, life, wonders. Three times three I said: the boats will break wonders.

OTA020 platzangst – ‘call before you dig’ C61
The tools being broken excited us so much we felt we had to give each of them a certain living fluxus through discharges of lovesoundmatter that would enable many beings being able to follow the design of pure freedom, where you met my sister, remember? And here, every broken tool is a new species completely licked by gummy feelings, like lust, leisure and large portions of tar instead of flesh. We are large and we pass through space. Let us in.

OTA021 space echo – ‘viagens’ C22
when the grill guy drops his own heart near the other meat.

OTA022 TAKAHIRO MUKAI – ‘slow and steady’ C35
A straight line between two bending lines. The bloated landscape where the older people were born. This forgotten river is doing a boat race with toothpicks. Naughty heads, play round dices with me, please.

OTA023 the moon rises in maevis – ‘the moon rises in maevis’ C40
Fuck off the pair of you.

OTA024 germ class – ‘dimensions of value’ C30
You see, a lot of people talk about waves as being some sort of intensely magical experience for those who can ride them. Many others enjoy observing them from afar and get caught by the looping qualities of their existence. As a shipwreck they are your death and they are your life. Cleaners of the sand pit that is the bottom of the sea.

OTA025 bohm – ‘transients’ C29
I caught an eye. It developed. I adapted. It listened. I believed. It looked to me. I boasted. It closed. I danced. It postured. I walked. It stayed. Behind was its brain. In front of it me. Ever smaller. Ever there.

OTA026 HgM – ‘iridium192’ C27
Call out the soul of the universe that portrays immensity. Tell of these here. Sources and incantations alike formed the matter, the darkness and the forces. One could explain them, for any proof is preferable. Let expansion continue so. Let it be heard. Component after component of intramingle.


Brainwrap City Media

Portopak – ‘Bull Inside the Echo Chamber (b/w The Unfriendly Dreamer)’ CS
Type II Cassette, Professionally duplicated. Limited edition of 50 tapes split between green and blue shells and includes a vinyl sticker inside of a paint-splattered poly box. The songs were created using a modded Nintendo Game Boy with guitars, vocals, and an old Casio SK-1 keyboard recorded on top to create a sort-of chiptune/new-wave sound. It’s kind of like if you mixed New Order, The Cure, and The Postal Service together in an old video game. Both tracks were written, recorded, re-recorded, and mixed in a bedroom in Pennsylvania over the course of about 6 months. The tapes are professionally duplicated using a digibin duplicator by A to Z Audio in Parma, Ohio.