Hangover Central Station

Joe Baiza/Jason Kahn/Felix Gebhard – ‘Two Duos Double’ CS
„Two Duos“ sees Saccharine Trust / Universal Congress Of head honcho Joe Baiza teaming up with former band mate Jason Kahn on tape one and berlin based baritone ambient boy Felix Gebhard on tape two. The results stagger in as some free form jazz inspired guitar/drums and guitar/guitar/synth meanderings that embrace nonchalant improvisations as well as eerie modulations of what could have been … well, maybe noise rock songs if played as a full band. But all in all, this sounds concisely and coherently composed as well – music that follows a long tradition and shows a lot of knowledge for what might come. Hand-numbered double cassette in an edition of 60.

Hellvete – ”t Land van den Akker’ CS
´t Land van den Akker finds Glen Steenkistes HELLVETE project in a soothing, friendly mood. The six tracks on this newest cassette feature harmonium, banjo and acoustic guitar, and it is quite apt to say these are some of the „poppiest“ tunes he’s ever released. Music to have your first beer to after a nice cup of tea in the early afternoon, on sunday. Limited edition of 50 with handnumbered piece of cardboard featuring an ugly german stamp from the 90s.



Fusiller – ‘Les chorégraphies désertiques’ CD
Bathroom electronics. Approximate synthesis, approximate songs, approximate melancholy. Drowned nature and dummy melodies.

Terrine – ‘Cheat Days’ LP
Bedroom beats & manipulations. Reversed samba, codified techno destruction, “Top Dance 2057” goal. Aborted grooves warning.

WN – ‘Why’ CD
Living-room noise. Temporary retrospective of 75 minutes of/by William Nurdin. Sonic immersion, textures and off-road recordings accumulated during 10 years.



Purelle – ‘Gotta Have It!’
Galtta presents Purelle – “Gotta Have It!” – Four long play, toe taipan’ instrumentals by Adrian Knight and David Lackner. A Skymall Studio production. Limited edition of 100 cassettes.

Galtta proudly presents the third tape by Energy ☆. Drawing from automatic composition and improvisation, the duo crafts a mysterious electronic world inspired by minimal house/techno, Japanese avant garde, and the drip drops of a corporate break room water cooler. Energy ☆ is an ongoing collaboration between Camilla Padgitt-Coles and Bryce Hackford. Recorded and mixed at home. BK NY, 2017


Invisible City Records

Depletion – ‘Final Exit’ C30 £4.5
Martyn Reid’s Depeltion joins Invisible City Records. Heavy analog synth workouts in a maelstrom of electronic buzz. Hand dubbed C30 limited to 50 copies


Irrational Tenant

Pool – ‘Evil Act’ C19
Just four guys going to work.

Dominic Coppola – ‘The Lilac Chase’ C30
Warped guitar works stretched over a magnetic canvas.

Reinshagen.K – ‘Technik Club 111’ C21
Rhythmic electronic electronics in the truest sense.



Keroaän – ‘Pulsars in Rhombus Form’ CS
Pulsars in Rhombus Form is the result of a real-time generative music agent utilizing machine listening and pulsar synthesis (Roads). For this recording, a custom built 8-voice pulsar synthesis engine takes its compositional cues by listening to the album Planisphærium by sci-fi technical death metal band Wormed (ES). The program performs with no human intervention whatsoever.


Fragment Factory

Antoine Chessex – ‘Subjectivation’ LP
Subjectivation is the new solo album from Swiss artist Antoine Chessex. Produced by Rekem Records and Fragment Factory, it features some of his most direct and developed work to date. Using material from solo live performances in San Francisco, Berlin, Zurich and London between 2010 and 2015, the sides of this record distill the touchstones of Antoine’s sonic language into two sharp and forceful statements. The first side opens with a formidable tour-de-force, a developing field of distortion in which tenor saxophone adds on a metal-tinged sludgy tonality, wedged through dense masses of sound. Following are some more subtly executed sonics, documented at London’s Café Oto, on the second side. Here it is Chessex’s multiphonics taking centre stage, a rapid-fire of voices from the horn that gets enveloped in a back-and-forth between electroacoustic structures, psychoacoustics, and pure tone. Connecting the two sides is a meticulous attention to the different levels that operate within sound, and a compositional hand that favours intensity and depth, making this one of Chessex’s most definitive statements. Antoine Chessex is a multifaceted composer and sound artist who works across a number of areas within adventurous sonic practices and art.



tzpCS58 Anne Laplantine – ‘Padon’
the queen of melody to serve you. synthetic melancholy and sampled harpsichord. the soundtrack of your forest walks.

tzpCS59 Le bruit vient de la cuisine
100% home made electronic. variable geometry band. free noise laboratory.

tzpCS60 Cranky Bow – ‘The ghosts of Notting Hill carnival’
lofi loops and found objects. ghost music and musical ghosts. degraded realities.


Hasana Editions

XVIII-III Julian Abraham – ‘Togar’ C60 $9
Julian Abraham is a multidicipline artist and pseudo-scientist from Medan, Indonesia. Recently resided in Yogyakarta, his works are often identified by using terms like generative, manipulations, and dematerialisations. His installation works vary from bacterial fermentation to complex algorithm of electronics, which connect art, environment, science, and technology as new tools to engage and educate both the artist and the society. In this edition, he provides rhythmic reenactment of his recent sound installations. Served to accommodate sonic phenomena and the sound sources, these works represent a hybrid method in a series of sound compositions, which take over the role of the musician, by bridging the physical activity in aural productions. Executed into two different materials: a various selection of percussion instruments that deliver organic impression, and a bunch of magnetic solenoids which construct a tighter mechanical sensation, Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed illustrates how simplicity (or complexity?) of repetition can trigger imaginative experiences in tracing the formal aspects of sound. Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C60 NAC cassette tape with recto/verso printed silver card. Including download code of high quality mp3 version.

XVIII-IV Nursalim Yadi Anugerah – ‘Selected Pieces from HNNUNG’ C52 $9
Often inspired by the cosmology, sonology, and culture of indigenous people from Borneo, Nursalim Yadi Anugerah is a Pontianak based composer well-known for his peculiar approach on instrumentation and composition. Adapted from Kayaan people oral literature Takna’ Lawe’, HNNUNG is a chamber opera that amplifies the cosmic dramaturgy of Kayaan culture—in which the narrative of matriarchy is essential. HNNUNG the opera was performed by Balaan Tumaan Ensemble and Kerubim Choir using various instruments ranging from kaldii’ and sape’ to tenor saxophone and contrabass. For this edition, he selects nine recording pieces from his opera HNNUNG in the form of sonic-fiction—he lets his composition works as a narrator. Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C52 NAC cassette tape with recto/verso printed golden card. Including download code of high quality mp3 version.


Cabin Floor Esoterica

[CFE#64] The Avens – ‘In Memoriam Robert Ashley/Improv #2’ C30 $7
“In Memoriam Robert Ashley/Improv #2” is the debut recording from the Avens, a new group from Canadian composer Allison Cameron alongside percussionist D’Arcy Gray and cellist Norm Adams. The A-side features a performance of Cameron’s composition “In Memoriam Robert Ashley,” a slow moving, chirping and vibrating tribute to the great electro-opera composer, while the B-side finds the trio in a crackly, looping improvisation. In an edition of 100 copies held in a hand-assembled cardstock tray/box with four inserts and a digital download code.

[CFE#68] Rob Noyes & Ryan Lee Crosby – ‘Modal Improvisations on 34 Strings’ C40 $7
“Modal Improvisations on 34 Strings” is the debut release from the duo of 12-string guitarist Rob Noyes and chaturangi player Ryan Lee Crosby. Across these three improvisations the duo draw from Indian classical music, American guitar-soli and jazz, and contemporary avant improvisation to create works that are timeless, placeless and yet familiar in the comforting way a bending string or the rattling of hollow wood can be. In an edition of 100 copies held in a hand-assembled cardstock tray/box with four inserts and a digital download code.

[CFE#69] Lake Mary & Talk West C27 $7
“Lake Mary & Talk West” is the debut recording from the duo of guitarists Lake Mary (Chaz Prymek) and Talk West (Dylan Golden Aycock). These improvisational pieces were recorded in Tulsa, OK after the two toured the US east coast in October 2016. They’ve got a comfortable understanding of each others playing, neither pushing the other away or stepping on toes. Relaxing in the glow of their travels and time spent listening to each other, they’re able to meld their sounds beautifully. New folk music in the truest sense. In an edition of 100 copies held in a hand-assembled cardstock tray/box with four inserts and a digital download code.