Cellar Tapes

Storch Interior Extracts – ‘Remote Assistance Failure’
The filtered, unintelligible sounds of a voice somewhere across the atlantic, travelling through a cable to your display. All clarity is lost along the way, but in this post-language vacuum something far more soothing emerges in place of words. Edition of 10.


Strategic Tape Reserve

StratRes014: VLK – ‘Avril and Sean in Camden’ C53
Avril and Sean in Camden is constructed entirely out of processed sounds from a) Avril Lavigne’s debut album, and b) conservative talk-radio hosts from the mid-naughties. To draw, specifically, from precocious, Canadian, proto-emo skate-pop and far-right, moralizing, authoritarian resentment-peddlers was not arbitrary. In the summer of 2004, VLK undertook temporary employment which primarily involved being a passenger in a car that was driven around Camden, New Jersey. Though the job description was undemanding, it arose that a key responsibility for this role was to engage the driver/employer in conversation, thus enhancing the work environment (a Toyota Camry). Regretfully, it became soon evident to both parties that this personal objective would not be achieved, and the driver, activating his contingency plan, put into use his preferred auditory stimuli, i.e. conservative talk radio broadcasts and the glove compartment’s lone compact disk, Avril Lavigne’s Let’s Go. In Camden, the birthplace of modern convenience food, the home of the first Church of Scientology, a city beset by the poverty and crime not uncommon in post-industrial American small cities, VLK spent two months in silent shotgun, bombarded with the pleas from Lavigne and Hannity for simple answers to the increasingly complicated world outside of the Camry’s windows. This kind of prolonged auditory experience, one can imagine, could leave the listener with some degree of lasting psychological damage, though keeping with the spirit of the Goldwater rule, it would be inappropriate for us to speculate on this particular case. We can report that this album sees VLK connecting his conceptual sample collages to personal experience, and distilling that into a hazy, beat-heavy, absurdist electronic melange.

StratRes015: moduS ponY – ‘Phonogetic Ouch’ C22
While not entirely free of generic reference or conceptual foundation, Phonogetic Ouch leans toward the avant-garde. If there are themes to be found, they are stylistic and abstract. Phono is an exploration of rhythm, specifically that of vocal loops, on which most of the tracks are founded. Traditional compositional structures exist along side more experimental frameworks, a common pairing for moduS ponY. The production is occasionally treated the same way a DJ might treat sampled material, with effects or edits being applied to the entire master track, adding an unexpected layer of sonic reality. The term “Phonogetic” combines the root phono with the words photogenic, and diegetic (the later meaning: within the story world, typically of a movie).


Sonic Meditations

SM065 Peter Kris – ‘Cardo Road’ CS
Peter Kris makes music with German Army, Q///Q, Final Cop, and other projects from the forsaken confines of the Inland Empire. Like the beauty of mountain ranges, beaches, city lights and skylines under whose shadows so many toil away their days, may the music of Peter Kris serve as a respite, a few moments of joyous inspiration, to all who need a little more happiness in their all-too-fleeting private hours. Limited edition of 65.

SM071 Expo Seventy – ‘America Here & Now Sessions’ CS
Mastermind Justin Wright brings together a rare line-up featuring two drummers. The four-piece only lived during a short period of time and the thunderous experiments achieved by these unique sonic hypnotists are fully presented here. With an impressive discography of transcendent kosmische drones, slow-burn psychedelic magnetism and heavier sounds behind him, Wright decided to set a new milestone with America Here & Now Sessions. Freely touching distant, dark corners of the cosmos where the sun shines timid, the band slowly builds two long movements of truly mesmerizing, free-form quality that propels the listener even higher to maximum altered state of consciousness. Warm, harmonic, meditational analog synth explorations get eventually accompanied by bursting, ritualistic percussions and distorted guitar tones, while a gloomy welcome ceremony of heavier guitar jams paints a grand canvas of seriously dark psychedelia. America Here & Now Sessions was recorded during the three-week art experience started in Kansas City featuring paintings, sculptures, poetry, plays, films and music from local and national artists called “America: Now And Here – A cross-country traveling dialogue about America through the arts”. Local musician Ashley Miller spearheaded a recording project that featured a handful of local acts to record some music that would be later edited together and released as an album. The project lost funding, but Expo Seventy was able to record as part of the art experiment. Limited edition of 100, screen printed covers.


Field Hymns

FH074 Bolabit C49
RIYL: Zombi covering Air covering Zombi, an 80’s Tangerine Dream soundtrack sans all the annoying guitar solos, an ineffable sense of loss. Live drum and analog synth duo Bolabit mine a snow globe of nostalgia and regret, a pastel-hued Michael Mann flick from the middle part of his canon, maybe a movie about drug smuggling on some west coast port or something of the sort. The sand parts beneath your slowly falling body in a slo-mo replay while puffs of passing bullets strike the beach all around you, your body twisting in a futile effort to avoid the dull, hard projectiles that angrily pass through this vessel you’ve foolishly endangered merely for greed and foolish avarice, a vessel now perforated and leaking, becoming soft and distant as the surf around the waterline reddens and grows. The swells tug you into the shallows and the beach is silent as you slip under and away – it wasn’t supposed to end like this but your scene is over.

FH073 COPS C35
RIYL: Cluster, This Heat, mega dub. Berlin-based COPS score the pathos of a world where the hero walks away (into the sunset/alley/drives), forever alone. Movies are not like real life kids: the girl gets old and disinterested, the loose alliance of surviving soldiers become soft and arrogant, forgetting the struggle that aligned their common interests. Then, one by one, they turn on each another, fraying and snapping those bonds while the arch enemy grows quietly stronger in the darkness. But while we remember the good times (the perpetual twilight of the setting sun around the rubble of the vanquished) there is always that nagging and tugging at the back of our consciousness – that there is something we have forgotten to attend to, that something is unfinished. The darkness that gnaws at the back of your sleeping life, knows this, and is gleeful that you do not, as it grows unattended and un-apprehended in cancerous masses throughout the ether. This new event, this dark world about to dawn upon the complacent, is all on you – you let it happen.


Tortie Records

Tar Of – ‘Um’ C30
Experimental pop and chronically anxious duo based in nyc. Likes noise and loops and sweetboy harmonies. Debut album out 8/21, day of the next total solar eclipse. Light bleeding out the edges of dark / pop creeping out under a bed of noise. edition of 25.



D.DLUGOSIELSKI – ‘Wilting Earth’ C60+C90
A collection of hard-to-find decayed solo reed lunacy recorded between 2015 and 2017. “Wilting Earth” is an expansive anthology, covering a diverse array of premises and aproaches to deathly and awkward solo free jazz. Enormous suites of gruesome psy pack this 2 and a half hour double cassette. Full-color artwork, edition of 20 double cassettes.

GERANIUMS – ‘Omnibus Volume One’ CDr+C20
Wild drum and sax improv PSY MADNESS. Here we have all of our recorded material to date, as well as a vicious live cassette! Full-speed push-your-skull-out-your-face psy skronk from GERANIUMS (Jessie Dlugosielski and Dan Dlugosielski, Detroit). Not much open space, in fact the space’s walls are crumbling and being pounded into dust! Full-color artwork in soft poly-box, edition of 30 cdr+tape sets.

METAL DUNGEON – ‘Blut Knistern’ C20
Another incredible installment of MMM’s “found master” series. METAL DUNGEON (Detroit) creates a tense static field of sharp buzzing debris on “Blut Knistern.” Tin electrical currents swell and stagnate, punctuated by hot white helpless stabs into the deadlocked vibrating slurry. All sounds by Wade Kergan and Davin Brainard around 2011. Full-color artwork, edition of 30 cassettes.

SOLANGE – ‘Peep Toe Ankle Boot on Cobblestone: Premorbidity of Delicate Throat-Slitter’ C60
An immensely twisted (and highly reccomended!) trip of a cassette. SOLANGE (Ivo Musa, Canada) presents 17 dense and varied headscratchers on “Peep Toe…” A contorted mix of sampling, noise, drums and other peculiarities are the chosen tools for a rare and unusual take on Giallo-influenced extreme music. High energy, colorful and full of surprises… a truly meticulous labor of love. Full-color artwork, edition of 30 cassettes.

CLINICAL TRIALS – ‘Raze Out the Written Troubles of the Brain’ C20
A crawling, mealy-mouthed atmosphere of sloshing gunk from CLINICAL TRIALS (Mike Mahoney, USA.) A murky and vicous current helplessly washes away your facial features as you enjoy this bisection of the written troubles of the brain. Full-color artwork, edition of 30 cassettes.


Monorail Trespassing

[mt114cs] Shredded Nerve – ‘Bleeding From The Head’ C32
Kicking it right off with a forceful synth overtone and never relenting. Five tracks of uniquely varied elements placed in a forward thinking context: industrial synth dread, concrete audio voyeurism, and naturally ocurring harsh noise. Compelling narrative work from a young artist at the height of his powers. Edition of 100 copies, with full color artwork by JB.

[mt115cs] Jim Haynes – ‘Vane Dodson’ C40
Acousmatic sound research from veteran bay area technician Jim Haynes. Electronic distress signals initiate panic and tension through abrupt jump cuts into alternate contexts. Echoes of John Duncan, Hafler Trio and Joe Colley hover above and around Jim’s soundworld, but his aesthetic is a universe all his own. Edition of 100 copies, with full color artwork by JH.

[mt116cs] Still Image – ‘Without’ C20
Following up shortly after MT’s Hostage Pageant release with Shane Church’s sibling project. Crude, simple, yet direct tracks utilizing room sounds and amplified metal instruments. Patient and organic, yet heavy handed tape music for noise heads. Edition of 100 copies, with full color artwork by Shane Church + JB.

[mt117cs] Stroker – ‘Dolores’ C28
Third cassette from Rachel Slurr, mid-atlantic noise queen and former den mother of Heaven’s Gate. Six tracks of true American Noise; arguments, attitude and depravity flying the flag through junk metal gutter abuse. Edition of 100 copies, with full color artwork by Rachel Slurr + JB.


Easy Listening

EL-001: Aaron Dilloway – ‘Dementia’ C78
Tape reissue of a crucial and hard to find recording from the tape manipulation master, initially released on Hanson Records in 2006. A complete maelstrom of hiss. Professionally duplicated and imprinted chrome tapes, double sided color art. Limited to 130 copies. Free US shipping.


Bonding Tapes

BOND019 ZOD1AC – ‘The ZOD1AC Tapes Volume 1″ C30 $6
ZOD1AC is the beat-centric alias of Zander One. The music still holds the Zander One feel, but with more beats. The style is Chillwave, Lofi, Hip Hop Vibes.


Imminent Frequencies

IF34 – Harness – ‘Sleight of Hand’ C26
Harness is the self-described “noise concrète” duo of Shane Church (Hostage Pageant / Still Image) and Luke Tandy (Being / Skeleton Dust Recordings).
“Sleight of Hand” presents four sparse movements of atmospheric electroacoustic music with an emphasis on restraint and aural tension.

IF35 – The Latent Hour – ‘Arcata Nocturne’ C34
This debut release from The Latent Hour documents three minimal soundscapes constructed out of sustained tones and manipulated field recordings. At times both serene and ominous, “Arcata Nocturne” evokes the stillness of night while alluding to the impending luminosity of dawn.

IF36 – The Glass Path – ‘Floating Heads in Rhapsody’ C26
Since 2011, Detroit’s Matt Conzett (The New Me / Irrational Tentent) has been exploring the boundaries of tape music under the guise of his solo project. The Glass Path. “Floating Heads” consists of two side-long compositions of degraded tape loops, synth, and recordings of a custom-built Dream Machine.