Purple Akronym

Meadow Argus – ‘Meadow Argus II’
After a five year absence, Ohio-based Meadow Argus returns with “Meadow Argus II”. Warm and woozy sounds unspool across a half hour of experimental musique concrete. Heavy on muddy tape loops that slowly shift as odd sounds flutter in and out. Slow, warm tones and rich textures from a dying polyphonic air/reed organ and other alien unexplainable sounds floating around from field recordings, keyboards, a coconut thumb piano, and other weird things. Best listened to with headphones on and eyes closed to fully zone out and float away. Recorded Nov 2020 – Jan 2021 at Lilleypad Studios in Columbus, Ohio. Pro-dubbed cassette tape on clear shells with imprinting, with double-sided full color artwork by Pearl Morgan. Edition of 100. Meadow Argus is the solo project of Tynan Krakoff (Columbus, OH). His debut tape was released on DNT Records (2015) and is out of print.


Ethereal Mother Tapes

Patrick R. Pärk/Polypores split CS
Split tape featuring an hour of electronic New Age bliss-outs from Patrick R. Pärk (Fort Collins, CO, USA) and Polypores (Preston, UK). Digital album includes a bonus track and video. Album released May 7, 2021. Limited edition of 50 clear cassettes with goldsheet released by Ethereal Mother Tapes. Sold out.


Cruel Nature

David Colohan – ‘Darlington Point’
In the early 2000s, David Colohan was living in a tent on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in New South Wales, Australia, working on farms. Inspired, this release sees the United Bible Studies band member, reflect on that time through a series of beautiful, pastoral pieces that’ll transport you to a simple life in a distant land, filled with nature and wonder.

Iker Ormazabal Martinez – ‘The Oscillation parts III & IV’
This is the continuation to The Oscillation (parts I & II), published last December, also via Cruel Nature Records. This solo work is heavily inspired by acousmatic composers, and acousmatic listening, the music and writings of Pierre Schaeffer, Eliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Francisco Lopez, taking inspiration from what is known as ‘deep listening’, listening with intent or acousmatic listening.

Stella Research Committee – ‘A Proposed Method For Sanding Fitness’
Fostered in Cincinnati’s feral noise scene, Stella Research Committee – along with bands like Hissing Tiles, Fruit LoOops and Daumier – have internalized the excesses of noise-rock and no-wave forefathers and have given birth to a sound that is universal in its barely contained primal yelp, but somehow quintessentially Midwestern in its austerity and directness.

Saturnin Sektor – ‘Night Encounters’
Hailing from Genova, Italy, taking itsinspiration from 70s / 80s movie soundtracks, ‘Night Encounters’ is a synth-heavy imaginary soundtrack for an imaginary film. FFO Late night TV shows, VHS, B-Movies, cheap F/X, 80s teenage dreams, John Carpenter.


Recorded Reading Archive

Chris Donaldson/ Matthew Polzin – ‘RRA- Volume 1’ C30
RRA is a limited series cassette tape which pairs writers with sound artists. Volume 1 features a reading by Matthew Polzin and sound from Chris Donaldson. Edition of 50.


Shhpuma Records

SHH063CD | SHH063LP Oker – ‘Susurrus’
There are inspirations here from folk, minimal composed music, improvised music and maybe even post rock, all formed in a way that sounds like nothing but Oker. “Sussurus” gives us a kind of concrète, acousmatic music where tapes or electronic devices are replaced by acoustic instruments. And it sounds beautiful. LISTEN

SHH064CD THE SELVA + Machinefabriek – ‘Barbatrama’
The Selva is a solid band that has created their own original sound. In “Barbatrama”, the band extends their approach to experimental electroacoustics. The post-production electronic processings of Machinefabriek enabled the musicians to go to unpredictable consequences: a puzzling sort of cybernetic tribal music, primeval dance rhythms associated with the space imaginaries introduced by Sun Ra but also Tangerine Dream. LISTEN

Fire is Free

Fire is Free No. XXVI Steve Hand – ‘R.I.P.s’ CDr
First physical edition from Steve Hand, two intricately-woven pieces of memorial drone; vast landscapes of dark and heavenly beauty to occupy and explore through your mind’s eye. Hit play and begin your ascent to within. Incense smoke curls forth from your speakers. Laying on the carpet we are all floating in space. FFO: Phill Niblock, Slomo, Ampbuzz, Muslimgauze. Pro printed cdr edition of 100 in 7″ cardboard sleeves with paste-on covers.

Fire is Free No. XXVII BAND – ‘Skryer in the Spirit Vision’ CDr
This enigmatic Columbus, OH collective makes its debut on Fire is Free in rare cosmic solo-drone mode. Though known for leaving throngs of stunned audiences members in the wake of free-noise avant garde pop covers, dangerous theatrical feats and bloodshed both real and imagined, this recording consists of a single 45 minute drone piece perfect for your next séance or astral traveling session. FFO: Catherine Christer Hennix & Henry Flynt. One time cdr digipak edition of 100 copies.

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Fire is Free No. XXIX Son of Buzzi – ‘Fluss’ CDr
This project of Swiss guitarist Sebastian ‘Blind Joey Deaf’ Bischoff has been steadily releasing some of the greatest most consistently beautiful fingerpicking atop drone beds and location recordings that have graced the ears at the label in recent memory. FFO: Jack Rose, Robbie Basho, John Fahey, and pre- School of the Flower era Six Organs of Admittance. These comparisons are apt. Get it before it’s gone. CDr edition available through Fire is Free, but only 66 copies will be available in the US. The remaining 33 copies and an artist-run cassette edition of 30 copies will be available directly from Son of Buzzi for European distribution (cassette sold out before release).


Dinzu Artefacts

Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy – ‘Stress Hydrique’
Field recordings and percussion. Accidental dive into collided waters and imaginary yet familiar landcapes. Soundtrack for the movie “La Remuée” by Fabien Delisle

Hubert Kostkiewicz – ‘Emergetyki’
By dubbing raw field recordings and recording the live playback, Kostkiewicz transforms the mixing console into a modular synthesizer. Harnessing these sometimes unruly temporalities, the album invokes conflicting extremities, a dying dub pulse or the sense of melting ice. By playing with his listeners (the acoustic masquerading as electronic) he addresses larger questions about identity and personhood amidst widespread ecological collapse. Kostkiewics is also the guitarist in the band KURWS.

Leo Suarez – ‘Circle Tension’
A focus on stretching and altering resonances as they leave the body of a drum or the surface of a cymbal, and re-incorporating them as accents and key statements in a realm of pulse and cycle. That which is actually in a state of decay becomes propelled forward as a fixture in the sonic environment.



two electroacoustic pieces composed between the music school and the bedroom. etheric ramblings and contemplative wanderings. Soviet tunes, siberian drone, sparse atmospheres.



Limited to 300 copies. NZ sound artist Gate (Michael Morley of The Dead C) has followed up his atmospheric recent album Highway Ghosts with new record Winter Songs, a hazy three track collection of fuzzed out guitar drones. Like Winter Songs’ indistinct album cover, Morley’s guitars smear across the surfaces of the increasingly long-form instrumental works, engulfing listeners in a slow-motion blizzard of feedback and endlessly decaying tones. Dive in below…


Goaty Tapes

Moon Reflecting – ‘Non G.M.O. Rain Dance’ $7
In the shadow of Arizona’s mesas, shrouded in swirls of sand, there exist the keyboard meditations of Cynthia Montross a.k.a. Moon Reflecting. Her instrumentals are hymns to a precarious planet: basslines blur like chemtrails smudged over the firmament; melodies glint through veils of narcotic mist. There is no consistent rhythm, no robotic sequencing. Her songs are wobbly and winding. They shuffle between tempos and lean in on off-beats. They twinkle at random. Non G.M.O. Rain Dance pulses like a transmission out of time, shot through with stardust and radiated soil, and left to wander the desert skies.