Monorail Trespassing

[mt112cs] Torba – ‘Laavg Drjòt’ C20
Torba is Mauro Diciocia, an Italian soundworker based in Berlin. As with fellow countrymen Lettera 22, elements of musique concrete, noise composition and electro-acoustic tape music are fused to create something which feels like a truly living, breathing organism of physical and intellectual sound, constantly active and engaging. Edition of 100, with artwork by Luca Vinciguerra (A Dear Girl Called Wendy).

[mt113cs] Gene Pick – ‘Adhesion Coefficient’ C31
The sound of electronic circuits pushed to the brink and gasping for life. All systems at capacity. Patterns of white noise, mixer feedback, fuzz and sine waves blast in, hover and return in a new context, creating palpable anxiety and tension throughout. Contrarian modular synthesis; actually using the instrument for a strict, specific purpose. Edition of 100, with full color photography by Autumn Casey.


Green Records and Tapes

GR322 Andrew Coltrane – ‘You’ll Be My Slave: 1996-2006’ 6xCDr + zine $45
Unreleased early recordings unearthed from deep in the Hermitage Tapes archives. Fine examples of the many styles perfected by AC in his nearly 30 years of sound exploration. Culled from 400+ unheard tapes and CDs, these discs compile the best of countless hours of both finely-tuned composition and imaginative homemade experimentation. Packaged with a 32 page full size color/b&w magazine with collages, sketches, and recording notes. First 10 copies come with a small bonus zine, multiple unique inserts,and a bonus DVDr of recently discovered early studio footage and live performances. Stripped down digital version available along with soon to be hundereds of other recordings to be updated weekly at the new Hermitage Tapes Bandcamp page.



OR-011 Cold Clouds/Misled Navigator C60 $6
Ambient and a little rough around the edges.

OR-012 Angel Dust – ‘Post’ C28 $6
Musique concrète out of Pittsburgh. Noisey, Dense, and just the way we like it. Both Releases are in Edition of 20. Each tape comes with Buttons and a Sticker.


Irrational Tentent

Marrvisser– ‘Xiakihu’ CS
Experimental synth and drum machine. Cohesive while avoiding stagnation. Young Detroit up and comer.

Remnants – ‘Negative Space’ CS
Tape music catching its own reflection, gazing slowly into sonic depths.

The Glass Path – ‘Passes On’ CS
4 tracks of tape music scraps leftover from 2016



SIN037 SAD CAMBODIA – ‘First Metheoretical Bulletin’ C34
First Metheoretical Bulletin, as name says, is the first release of Sad Cambodia, a collaboration duo composed by Stefano (My Dear Killer) and Massimo Onza (Wound). The project was born with the aim of finding a common ground for expression, in an attempt of mixing analogue electronics and acoustic instruments, mainly guitars. Along this path, synths, reverb pulses, objects, samples and noises met dispersed variations over acoustic string drawings. The result are these two tracks, which move towards keeping together the free-form tensions with rarefied, at times, almost melodic parts, alienating passages and post-rock flavour spaces. To summarise the blending of discordant mixtures drifting towards melancholic horizons, we coined the neologism Metheoretical, stemming from theoretical and meteorological. In our sad Cambodia, over the constant rain and heat of the monsoon, can you feel some distant bird singing in the forest? You might, in this first bulletin. pro dubbed tape, full printed artwork, download code included, limited to 70 hand-numbered copies


Black Horizons

Baldruin – ‘Biotische Verwitterung’ LP
A disquieting record to accompany the nightmare of now. Baldruin documents this darkness, finding some hope in the helplessness. Buried within these grooves, lies a dizzying array of crepuscular sonics. Barely alive, it drips with dread. Rachitic loops return to us, like traumas. A sticky submission. My goodness, these earworms are infectious. Limited and hand numbered edition (200 pieces). Pressed on 180g vinyl and packed in a thick, 300g uncoated sleeve featuring a front and back artwork by Baldruin. 3 mm spine and black carton inner sleeves. Includes card with download-code of the digital files.


Pulse Emitter

Pulse Emitter – ‘Chilling in the Eye of the Storm’ CS & ‘Through the Portal’ CS
These are crazy times, it’s easy to get frazzled. But everyone needs moments of tranquility. This is where the new Pulse Emitter album, Chilling in the Eye of the Storm comes in. A peaceful, spacey, minimalist trip through realms light and dark, at the confluence of a comfy earthy vibe, and escapist science fiction dreamings. His recent progressions continue, combining electronic synthesis with global percussion and field recordings. If you need to chill out friends, you are welcome here. Released on Pulse Emitter’s Expansive label, which has a new look designed by Joe Bastardo. Also in this batch is the prior album, Through the Portal, which was released in a small edition on Phinery in Denmark and sold out fast. Chrome tapes duplicated and imprinted at NAC. Premium cardstock J-cards.


Gamma Mine

Eden Grey – ‘Apocalypse’ CS £7
Gamma Mine returns in 2017 with “Apocalypse”, a 56 minute piece from electronic artist and composer, Eden Grey. Recorded during Grey’s November 2016 residency at the Elektronmusik Studion of Stockholm, Sweden, “Apocalypse” is the soundtrack of an all-too-possible future. Her expert use of the Serge Modular Synthesis system conjures dense atmospheres of decaying sirens, deathly howls and wailing voices. Eden Grey, A.K.A. Chelsea Bruno, is a Miami-born, London-based composer and performer of experimental electronic music. Whilst originally classically trained in piano, she took to producing electronically in 2004. Around a decade later, Grey immersed herself within the realm of experimental music whilst studying for her Masters’ degree at Florida International University. She has since written several publications, including “An Artist’s Approach to the Modular Synthesizer”, written in conjunction with her PhD research at Royal Holloway, University of London. Outside of academia, Grey frequently performs across Europe, improvising with her own Eurorack modular synthesizer. She also organises the regular CV Freqs meetings in London. Furthering her research activities at EMS, Stockholm, the recording of “Apocalypse” brings together her flair for spontaneous composition with a passion of deep textural soundscapes. With head-nods to Throbbing Gristle, the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop, and even early recordings by The Human League, “Apocalypse” leads the listener through the blast patter into a nuclear winter, eventually fading abruptly in the famine.


8mm Records

It’s a rare feeling when music can give you the sensation like a bullet through the head, and you call it a pleasure. No Balls ‘More is More’ gives a new meaning to what we used to call ‘heavy shit’, filling the missing spot between rock and harsh noise. Anders Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, Orchestra of Constant Distress), Kjetil Brandsdal (Noxagt, Ultralyd), David Gurrik (Anal Babes, Astroburger), Jan Christian Lauritzen (Noxagt) blessed our ears with a masterpiece of brutal honesty and perverted beauty. Essential.

Orchestra of Constant Distress is the new Swedish supergroup featuring Joachim Nordwall (Skull Defekts, Alvars Orkester), Anders ‘Drajan’ Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, No Balls), Henrik Rylander and Henrik Andersson. Their self-titled debut Lp on 8mm is a nice slab of Hard Rock from the year 3000. 5 tracks of pure mechanical alienation, built upon very minimal guitar/drums patterns and waves of harsh electronics, sounding pretty much like anything else in the actual noise rock scenario. Limited edition of 200 copies


Palm Tapes

G & Doro – ‘If I See You EP’ C22 $5
G & Doro are the duo of Montreal’s Graeme Stewart and Toronto’s Dorothea Paas. Stewart’s extraordinary production work and Paas’s ethereal vocal stirrings characterize this debut. The elegant bouquet of new jack swing, deep house and 90s breakbeat bounce is intoxicating perfume. You can feel the city steam rise from the street. With repeated listens, unique fineness, and the melodicism of Paas’s layered singing, is fully revealed. Silent Shout remarks the EP is “a sleek mysterious electro-R&B treasure,” calling opening track, “I Need It,” “a delicious groove that’s so deep it’s suboceanic.” Title track, “If I See You,” comes next led by a lick recalling Robin S’s “Show Me Love” amidst Paas’s sultry, centered, verses and silky chants. Bird chirps and waterfalls open the third cut, “No Looking Back.” It’s like flying over the canopy – mystic flora unknown below. For the chorus, Stewart drops a synth that squiggles like a stoned grin enveloping Paas. Later, she sings, “No looking back on this / no thinking about tomorrow,” as the track’s carefree euphoria washes over. For the closer, “Something Real (Uncanny Mix),” the duo is back to Larry Heard’s type of smoky, purple, nighttime. Addicting rhythms end as they began. It’s a masterpiece debut of talent and vision. (Graeme Stewart’s music is also featured on Palm Tapes under the moniker, “Burn Cycle,” on the comp: Northern Palms Volume One (see PT – 011)).