Cruel Nature

various artists – ‘Spectrum’ 2 x MC/DL
Pre-Order now / Releases 20 April/ A compilation of 23 exclusive tracks celebrating a decade of Cruel Nature Records. Available as limited-edition double-cassette and download. 110 minutes of sonic diversity. 100% profits will be donated to The Toby Henderson Trust (, an independently funded charity in North East England which supports autistic youth and adults, as well as their families and caregivers.

Beckton Alps2 – ’60 (Don’t Go Crazy)’
Beckton Alps2 is a self-taught producer who has used various digital audio workstations, soft synths and samples, to create conceptual recordings since 1998. Informed through the personal experience of homelessness and institutionalisation – which have been a backdrop throughout his life – isolation, psychosis, dissociation and poverty play key themes in his work. ’60’ is a sixty-minute piece of field recordings, processed harmonies and a morse code generator, with the morse code spelling out themes from personal forms of madness.

DIsciplinary – ‘Porkwind’
Dual bass and drums hardcore noise-punk riff assault from North East England, featuring members of Prolefeed / Lovely Wife / Tide Of Iron / Marzuraan. A raging debut that rips hard.

Tibshelf – ‘Supreme Flounder’
Sampledelic plunderphonics cut n splice from Lee Etherington (Tusk Music / early-Posset), twisting and screwing funk hip-hop techno and a smorgasbord of prime cuts into into fresh sonic glory.

Arsenne Arthur – ‘La Lune / Le Pendu’
La Lune / Le Pendu are two electroacoustic pieces mixing distorted samples, field recording, electric guitar, Epinette des Vosges and electronic noises composed by Arsenne Arthur (also in the Toru/Carivari bands). Inspired by the Tarot of Marseilles, the two pieces making up this EP are the fantasized sound representation of the major arcana XVII and XII. The first deals with dreams and dreamlike worlds, while the second brings back to the daily life of a life that lets itself be lived. These two pieces were originally composed at the Nice Conservatory in France, to be played in acousmonium (orchestra of loudspeakers) and have been remixed and mastered for this release on cassette.


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