Cruel Nature

SUMMER NIGHT AIR – ‘5 (remixed)’
SNA broke their 8-year hiatus with the release of the mesmerising album ‘5’ in Oct 2022. One year on, Crue Nature release ‘5 (remixed)’ which compiles ambient, house, electronica, post rock/shoegaze, dub and electro pop remixes from artists such as The John Cream Collective, Cathode (aka Steve Jefferis, one half of Warm Digits), Score (aka Chris Tate, from Salisman, One Key Magic, d_rradio) and ako (aka Simeon Soden, one half of Badger).

COLD COMFORT – ‘All Power No Sour/Selected Works’
Cold Comfort is Ben Forrester, a musician who since 2021 has been blending punk, electro, drone, metal, hardcore and slacker rock into one humungous sonic melting pot. This 20-track cassette compilation features the debut album “All Power No Sour” and selected works from 2022. Lyrically drawing from mental health episodes, political frustrations and paranormal experiences, this is a collection of revelations that is equal parts cathartic, raging and euphoric.

A collaborative work of experimental sound art that melds modular synths with noise, dark ambient and industrial atmospherics into unsettling, thought-provoking soundscapes.

TIBSHELF – ‘Understander’
If you’ve ever wondered what a track that samples Albert Ayler, Jimi Hendrix, Terry Riley, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and ‘Withnail & I’ might sound like? Then this album has it. The second album of sampledelic plunderphonics cut n splice from Lee Etherington (founder of TUSK Festival/ former member of tape manglers Posset), twisting and screwing funk hip-hop techno, film dialogue, noise rock and a smorgasbord of every sound from under the sun into a fresh sonic glory like you’ve never imagined.

SHAN – ‘Knotweed’
Debut outing from the Tyneside noise rock/sludge duo, who channel their frustrations with employment, self and prescribed medication, and the current state of the UK through raw, stripped back, unadulterated punk rages. FFO: Unsane, The Melvins, Eyehategod


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