Directives – ‘Glimmer’ CDr
With its much more accessibly rhythmic construction, Glimmer runs a very different program than the occult abstractions of 2021’s Protenomaly or 2017’s Usphutorontus Deius Nissesubla, both released as intimately handmade cassettes by Aubjects. As with Directives’ prior two releases, in the 8 tracks of ‘Glimmer’ there is a core source material of lo-fi cassette-recorded guitar improvisations, cassettes and reels from personal archives and iPhone recordings purposefully captured in significant places and moments. The songlike composition mode of these pieces stems from Directives’ long time love of remarkable explorers in electronic music including but not limited to Severed Heads / Tom Ellard, Haruomi Hosono / YMO, and misc releases from Mille Plateaux & Raster. Apart from these and other “IDM” and / or “bedroom producer” type material influences, the sound is still overtly dreamy, psychedelic and flavored with dashes of industrial / cassette culture aesthetics, 80s/90s psych / “shoegaze” and noise, centered around manipulated guitar sounds. Pro-pressed CDR in hand-painted / hand-stamped / hand-numbered paperboard jacket. Full color booklet on specialty paper, hand stapled / folded by the artist. Booklet encloses a small slip of blank notebook paper of specific significant origin, given randomized coverage of transparent shimmer. The recipient is invited to utilize this paper in a personally meaningful fashion, ex: write out a wish and burn. Package also includes accordion-fold mini-booklet, hand-cut / folded / stamped salvaged paperboard pull-strips for pocket items extrication of CDR (on R) and booklets (on L), and painted yellow outer salvaged paperboard strap w/ stamped & glued album title slip. Comes enclosed in salvaged plasti-zip bag for protection.


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