Cruel Nature

Black Tempel Pyrämid – ‘Meditations On Consequences’ and ‘Sun Songs’
Black Tempel Pyrämid is an experimental American primitive Krautrock band from Walsenburg, CO. A sonic endeavor of Patrick R. Pärk, who is a deep diver of primitive droning Kosmische territories, prolifically releasing albums and performing under his own name and through projects such as Black Tempel Pyrämid, RUFFINI, Kösmonaut, Life Education and Teeth Of Glass. “Meditations On Consequences” was written and recorded between June – November 2022, in tandem with “Sun Songs”, which was written and recorded between September – November 2022. Both albums are heavily influenced by Grails, GY!BE, MMOB, and Ash Ra Tempel. A collection of sonic heady works will pull you in for a bizarre
and dark American primitive nightmare journey.

Mike Neaves – ‘You’re Welcome’
When he’s not playing in The Eurosuite, or doing stints with Sly & The Family Drone; Plurals or Nitkowski, Mike Neaves makes skittering fractured 160bpm techno. He’s had releases on Hominid Sounds and Rat Run Records. This is his latest album, is a masterpiece of spidery fractured techno, made on “not that much” equipment with all live takes from a sequencer. The cover art goes some way to begin to convey the sense of liminal disquiet from the tracks inside: A desk stranded in a decaying narrow room under ugly fluorescent light. Mechanical industry and fucked architecture. The jittery Monday AM interior of your skull, and the mutant sounds of the weekender you wish you were at instead.

Salisman & His Unwavering Circle – ‘Parched’
The house of the Unwavering Circle has been decimated. The organ stopped working. The pews are covered in dust. The pool has been drained following an unfortunate accident. This is the soundtrack for the troubled times of our dear Salisman: Rivers of synthesizers. Pedal steel drenched in warbling tape echo. Tense electronic rhythms and rustic percussion. Perhaps you might follow him, as he collects the remnants and the husks of his failures. Via discipline, perseverance and unmatched wit, he will press on.

Pound Land – ‘Violence’
‘Violence’ is the new album from Pound Land – eight filthy tracks of vitriolic desperation recorded by the core duo of Nick Harris and Adam Stone and featuring a number of guest musicians, including Steve Watson of Iron Monkey and solo artist Adam Petiss. ‘Violence’, the band’s sixth album, often veers towards a nineties alt-metal/industrial sound, along with the usual smatterings of customary Pound Land abstraction. In addition, this new album continues to aggressively push lyrical themes relating to the same old shit that seems to be getting worse: corporate hegemony, business culture, mainstream media influence, automation, class polarisation and economic austerity.

Dragged Up – ‘Hex Domestic EP’
Dragged Up are an off-kilter psych-garage proto-punk band. Formed in Glasgow in late 2018 by Eva Gnatiuk (Las Mitras), with Simon Shaw (Trembling Bells) & the writer Lisa Jones. In 2019, Chas Lalli (Vom/Bad Aura) & Julian Dicken (The Cosmic Dead) joined. In 2022 Stephan Mors (The Owsley Sunshine) replaced Dicken on drum duty.

ele0nora – ‘tuuljamuud’
‘tuuljamuud’ by eleOnora is an album with abstract meditative voice as its chore element. It is the artist’s first solo release which consists of improvisations from three different recording sessions made over the period of 13 years. Like the time range suggests this album is retrospective in its nature. Although the recordings were made many years apart from each other they display similarity in their mood. It is one of the moods that eleOnora has been developing in her work over the years – an idea of a statically flowing, slowly morphing, minimalistic voice holding space for the listeners. eleOnora (Eleonora Kampe) is an Estonian-Latvian singer and avant-garde vocalist. She works both as a solo artist and in collaborative projects that include noise and ambience duo Road To Saturn, static abstractions project Tencu/eleOnora and an avant blues experiment Ringhold.


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