Cruel Nature

Clara Engel – ‘Sanguinaria’
Ten stunning new songs of transfiguration from the Toronto-based artist, accompanied by electric and acoustic guitars, talharpa, gudok, lap steel, melodica, and percussion. A mystical work, mixing classical and dark folk wanderings with misty soundscapes, which creates an abstract, new world atmosphere. An album with a deep longing at its core that makes for a subtle yet incredibly moving experience.

Baker Ja Lehtisalo – ‘Crocodile Tears’
A collaborative album of new wave industrial doom songs by Nadja’s Aidan Baker and Circle / Pharaoh Overlord’s Jussi Lehtisalo/ Early in 2020 Lehtisalo and Baker began trading sounds over the internet—fragmentary keyboard licks and textural guitar riffs, retro electro-beats and pulsing bass lines—slowly constructing them into songs that combined a sort of ’80s New Wave/AOR aesthetic with a heavy/noisy/shoegaze/industrial sound. The end result was ‘Crocodile Tears’, five catchily anthemic songs channelling the perhaps unlikely pairing of Godflesh and Jan Hammer, electronic pop and pretty melodies mixed with textural guitars and heavy metal riffs

TUNNELS OF ĀH is Stephen Āh Burroughs, who was the founding member and vocalist for HEAD OF DAVID; a band who also featured Justin Broadrick and Dave Cochrane, emerging on the seminal UK label Blast First records in the mid-1980s, creating a sound that paved the way for industrial-metal and noise-rock. TUNNELS OF ĀH is Burroughs’ ritual dark ambient industrial project, which debuted with the album ‘Lost Corridors’ in 2013.

Charlie Butler – ‘Parts Unknown’
Charlie Butler is a Lanarkshire based artist who began a series of solo releases in 2021 exploring psychedelic, ambient, heavy and hypnotic sounds alongside being a member of Cody Noon, Neutraliser with Mike Vest, Mothertrucker and Head Drop. He has had work published by Weird Beard Records, Cruel Nature, Fuzzed Up & Astromoon and Panurus Productions. Parts Unknown” is Butler’s first full solo release since moving from Reading to Lanark.


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