Cruel Nature

VHS¥DEATH – ‘Corrupted Geisha EP’
VHS¥DEATH is the solo production project of London-based Natalie Wardle (also of industrial/art-punk band Returning Videotapes). ‘Corrupted Geisha’ is her following up to 2021’s ‘La Llorona (Love & All The Hate)’, and sees her incorporate breakbeats and hip-hop / UK garage stylings alongside spoken-word samples and dark synth-laden bass-heavy soundscapes.

Benbow-Strssy – ‘Split’
Benbow and Strssy first met in a basement café in Lausanne, Switzerland just before the first sliced loaf was presented at the World’s Fair. Benbow had just finished a tour of the Alps with wandering trapeze troupe, NORMAL MAN while Strssy had taken a well-earned sabbatical from conjoined mime act, DIET PILLS. Over the following years they exchanged correspondence and encouragement as they independently began making experimental electronic music. This split release is a celebration of this journey.

K of ARC – ‘Show Them Your Throat’
K of ARC is an audio/visual artist from the North of England, working with samples, synthesis and custom-built steel instruments. ‘Show Them Your Throat’ is their debut album, utilising spectral drones, electronic atmospheres and ritual drums, drawing inspiration from Philip K Dick’s Valis, a childhood in an Industrial New Town, non-human encounters, magnetic hauntings and Cosmic horror.

Pound Land – ‘Can’t Be Arsed’
Pound Land was formed in 2020 by vocalist/lyricist Adam Stone (Future Bomb/Holy Ghost People/frequent collaborator with Dead Sea Apes) and multi-instrumentalist Nick Harris (Reverends of Destruction/ ex-Dead Sea Apes) . An eponymous debut album followed in the December of that year on Misophonia Recordings. ‘Can’t Be Arsed’ is the follow-up – eight tracks of post-industrial post-hardcore dead-pan misery – a ‘kitchen-sink’ punk for the 21st century.


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