Sonic Meditations

EXPO ’70 – ‘Psychosis’ CS
ORIGINALLY RELEASED BY PEASANT MAGIK ON LP (2009). Two side-long inprovised recordings between Justin Wright & Matt Hill (Umberto). First time released on cassette or digitally. “Heavy crumbling blackness settles atop hushed drifts of crystalline melodic shimmer, eventually transforming into something much more songy, a super druggy spaced out psych jam of the highest order, sounding a bit like Santana fronting SUNNO))), dense rumbling buzz drenched swells beneath super emotional almost wailing leads” – AQUARIUS RECORDS (R.I.P.) Limirted edition cassette of 65.

EXPO ’70 – Cleverly Mystique’ CS
SPLIT LABEL RELEASE WITH 5NAKEFORK, originally released in 2017, the cassette was never packaged & sat in a warehouse for over 4 years! Last recording at Wright’s home studio that produced “Black Ohms” / “White Ohms”, this recording captured similar moods and themes as those albums. A collection of more nods to early Krautrock and New Age minimalism with bouncing melodies and shorter themed tracks. “Cleverly Mystique” was captured back in 2011. Finally mastered for release on vinyl and CS, both in limited editions. Edition of 100, updated Jcard for the 2022 release.


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