Crimson Ward Trhauma

Sensual Spasmo – ‘Meats That Spread Queasily: Who Dares Wins’
Unforeseen, the city babies’ sleepover wanes, crude impulses occur paroxysmally…Apprehensively finger the unintended orifice, circle the blinking drain of the body’s negative response. The anxious stimulus induces a playful unpuckering, mmmmm, too sweet relief of malodorous exudate. Dribbles… Now reluctantly tallied upon nubs, count the ways to spell ‘Colonic Psychogeography’. No need to rue the thoracic tears that trickle, no tissues for you. Crimson Ward Trhauma is humbled by the hot privilege to egest Sensual Spasmo – Meats That Spread Queasily: Who Dares Wins. Clench it between your thighs, feel its struggle. Only intended for maturing audiences.


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