Cruel Nature

Whirling Hall Of Knives – ‘Sabre’
Whirling Hall Of Knives return to Cruel Nature for their genre-defying thirteenth album. ‘Sabre’ covers a lot of sonic terrain – from the noise/techno-hybrid Side A opener of ‘Laid To Rust’ and closer ‘Gutterpressed’, which bookend the dusty modulating dub of ‘Those Tracers’, to the B sides head expanding mesmerising psychotropic intones of ‘Olde Slice’ and ‘8arkd’ which flow into and out of the hypno-pulsing tribal klatter of ’Ring Dialog’.

Cody Noon – ‘Ace Of Wands’
Reading (UK) based Cody Noon are an instrumental duo made up of Charlie Butler and Haydn Antoniw. “They sit at the crossroads of emo, slowcore, classic quiet/LOUD post-rock and atmospheric electronic music.”
On ‘Ace of Wands’ the band have “broadened their minimalist sound to encompass more expansive and electronic textures to evoke a year of personal change. It’s about loving ghosts, wrestling, claiming abandoned spaces and coming out as transgender. Ultimately it’s about whatever you feel when you let their hypnotic sounds take you away.”

Meyer Huthwelker – ‘Purdue Generator’
Helge Meyer and René Huthwelker emerge from the hydra-headed experimental noise and ambient scene of Hamburg – Meyer is also part of the band Ex-Kopf together with Scheich In China, Huthwelker lately released a great solo tape on Phil Struck’s Stoffe imprint. Together, they play slow moving electronic music, using various modular and semi-modular synthesizers as weapons of choice.

Kombynat Robotron – ‘Feldversuchssamlung’
A four-piece haling from Kiel, Germany, Kombynat Robotron fill their lengthy jams with so much diversity and dynamics that an hour seems to pass in almost nanoseconds. Songs with such unassuming titles, are executed with an unbelievable array of skilled musicianship, the band utilising aspects of textured post rock, robotic krautrock and spacy psychedelic experimentation to flesh out their grooves and bring them to life.


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