Adrian Knight – ‘Pleasure Center’ CD
Parallel to his work as a composer, Adrian has continued to delve deeper into the world of home recording. His new album “Pleasure Center” – the culmination of years of research and testing – is the 6th full length pop album to be released by Galtta. A wizard of song form, melody, and sophisti-pop production, Adrian writes songs that weave in and out of unique harmonies; never expected but always perfect and inevitable. Those who follow Galtta will recognize Adrian’s massive footprint on the label. Fans of Adrian will delight in the signature vocal stacks, sophisticated writing, synth work, lyrics, and hi-fi candy production – served up with a side of mechanized sleaze, dripping down the brutalist facade like out-of-date gravy. Once inside you will encounter specimens from the whole range of the human experience. Moving freely between the dystopian and utopian, “Pleasure Center” is an album about space – both outer and inner, big and small, from the mundane to the cosmic. Tales about the Golden State killer, suicidal divorcees, and homicidal space captains comingle with the bittersweet reminiscing of an aging lady of the canyon, wry commentaries on the intricate apparatus of 21st century love, digital and analog thrills, all imbued with the hazy daydreaming of a wide-eyed astronaut, drifting off to sleep… Adrian’s records tend to unfold with repeated listening. This is no exception, but those who put in the time can expect a big payoff. Turn your lights down low, pop in that CD and mosey on down the stairs to your own personal “pleasure center”… For fans of Robert Wyatt, Gary Wilson, Joni Mitchell, Alice Cohen. A Skymall Studio Production. Cover art by Tom Henry.


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