Rubber City Noise

Baingan Bharta – ‘Bëblex α’ CS/DL
Bëblex αlpha is the third album (and first cassette release) from Oakland-based Baingan Bharta. Surfing on sine waves as they fold in on themselves in morphing mise en abyme recursions and flowing fractal bursts — Baingan Bharta channels complex timbres and propulsive rhythms radioed in from a rave at the end of time. Across the ten tracks of Bëblex α the hockeymasked braindancer deftly balances noise and experimental techno alongside washes of ambient, drone, dub, industrial, and other electronic musics ranging from synthesized analogue bubblebaths to deep concrète realizations and computer music machinations. Bëblex α is presented as an edition of 75 full-length cassette albums, professionally duplicated and imprinted. Available as cassette only or as Bëblex αlphaβeta combo of cassette & floppy disk (edition of 20) w/ exclusive track “Bëtablex” + bonus digital EP Bëblex β.

Baingan Bharta – ‘Bëblex β’ floppy disk/DL
Bëblex βeta is a floppy disk + digital EP presented as a companion piece to Baingan Bharta’s full length cassette album Bëblex α. Presented as an edition of 20 floppy disks w/ exclusive track, “Bëtablex” available nowhere else + a download code for the digital EP Bëblex β. Available exclusively in ‘Bëblex αlphaβeta’ combo of cassette, floppy disk, & digital downloads.

Eucarya – ‘Brutal Forest’ CDr/DL
Four new works by Eucarya. Three short, one long. Strange primitive folk ways and mystic dronescapes using acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, piano, voice, and electronics. Released as a limited CDr with vellum printed art. Recorded 2019 at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) in Oakland, California. Mixed and mastered by Eucarya ( Brutal Forest is presented as an edition of 23 CDrs w/ vellum printed artwork.


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