tzpLIVE14 LA RACE – ‘Live series Vol. 14’ CS
la race as a one-shot quartet and recorded live in october 2018. controlled savagery – those who were there know, the others now will. sewing machine artwork and inserts.

tzpCS61 GEL NAILS – ‘Cool spam from the inventors of purgatory’ CS
experimental focalization, pop manipulations, refined approach. radiant proposals for a rough world. the future is in your hands.

tzpCS62 PLACENTA POPEYE – ‘Le cimetière de la mort’ CS
after years of silence and a crowd of almost hysterical fans, new “studio” release. the rock format in its most impure version, the recorders poorly tuned as surprise guests. the noise and the fury.

tzpADM AMEDEE DE MURCIA – ‘Mangé par les oiseaux’ CD
new proposal of the man who hides behind somaticae. naturalism and noise electro-acoustics. microscopic assemblies and electron swirls.


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