Chow Mwng – ‘Bo Rane’ C35 £4(world)
Hail Penda! Hail Mercian Tape Hiss Collective! The circle shrinks as Beartown finally achieves it’s logical conclusion – West Cheshire only release schedule!Hinge-makers beware… Chow Mwng is browsing your catalogues with intent – locked in the attic & over-worked. We talking the ‘splintered & shattering sense of self blues’ baby! Heard the geetaaar lines tumble, hear the voice box grumble, hear the mad endless echoes of a half-dreamt future. Late nights at the workshop? Official sanctioned “dream boss” artwork with extensive liner notes. Tapes are a kinda see-through white, like part-cooked egg white, but with a tasty sticker on – ya dig?


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