Strategic Tape Reserve

Youth Championships – ‘Organic Architecture’ C43
Youth Championships, based in Prague, delivers two expansive sound constructions guided by the theme of “a clean, livable future that is now only a part of our creative imagination”. Recorded live, the long-form takes consist of analogue synthesizers played through a feedback network of manipulated delays and reverbs. The pieces unfold from basic motifs which are repeated throughout the compositions, preserving their unified geometry, as some iterations reach a dizzying Reich-like phase effect, while others murmur below a biomorphic miasma of rich harmonics later to emerge pulsing in stark, concrete definition. Side A, “Organic Architecture”, sees Youth Championships exercising an intensely focused refinement, economically eking a megastructure out of one monophonic synth. The B Side, “Blossoming Columns”, expands the concept to multiple voices with sublime results.


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