Cellar Tapes

CLR10 Delicate Features – ‘More Than Roses’ C37
Off the heels of their release with Not Not Fun, we’re happy to present the latest offering from St Petersburg’s Delicate Features. Slippery pads and a steady rhythmic undercurrent meet somewhere between a dream and an underwater observatory. Edition of 20.

CLR09 Youth Championships – ‘A Long Day of Exorcism’ C28
Analogue excursion across 30 minutes of locked-in sequence research, peaking with a long section of thick, washed out noise. A harsh and rewarding sonic narrative. Recorded in Prague, November 2016. Edition of 10 each with unique, double sided artwork.

CLR08 Straytone – ‘Disorientation’ C39
Tokyo-dwelling modular artist brings auto-generated melodies that weave and evolve – each new line effacing the last as it moves onwards with graceful speed. Complimented by a cooler, cinematic drone that makes this a dynamic yet complete debut release. Available in edition of 20 handmade cassettes – Each edition has unique artwork, no cassette the same.

CLR07 AxJxB – ‘Relics of YX’ C38
Multicoloured modular groans, rising like a beast from beneath the city, scattering harmonies across beds of grumbling noise. Harshness never prevails, but the tonal flourishes disturb as much as they embrace you. This album was recorded across a 3 month journey in different locations in Japan. Available in edition of 20 handmade cassettes. Each artwork unique, no edition the same.


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