OTA012 Miguel Pacheco Gomes – ‘é este o sítio?’ C40
Back and forth is the way things go and getting to know it all takes time. Walking makes your back pain a little worse, but you still do it. Loose hands and clenched teeth. You’re used to it already. You’ve been here before.

OTA013 Areia – ‘Areia’ C56
No milk, no King, no nothing. Orderly as cattle they march. A pilgrimage of good men, if they’re men at all, takes route through the canyon that will one day carve an island of this land. Flow river flow that you may conjure sea. Watching, the sage wait for a feast. These are the eyes of the people that at once see. The traits are treacherous in their perfect femininity, and they hunt below… by the sea shore where bodies come a floating, ready salted for steaming. It is here that they go for long walks squeaking their toes during the low tide.

OTA014 Chase – ‘Anxious’ C36
There was this time after school that came at the end of the day. A bit like an institutional sunset, it was a fleeting possibility to wander the corridors and spaces for just the right amount of time between the last teachers leaving, and the janitor noticing you there or closing the gate. No biggie, it’s not like you couldn’t jump the fence, but during that time, you could occupy the space left by all the other students. Imagine them in ideal insobriety of senses. Upon leaving you could carry your thoughts to the city’s outskirts, in the knowledge that your parents were probably wondering where you were, while you lay down your private and absolute decantation of eternity from clouds, weeds and earth dust.

OTA015 Konakon – ‘Ousia’ C33
Metastatic encroaching on reality is wrongly attributed to a desire to break, destruct and kill. And yet there is enough complexity in all forms of life as well as all forms of death. One may be surprised to note that barring infestation by insects, wood is eternal, even after its death. If I make my home out of wood and it survives forever, then there is a soul in there somewhere.


Ota 016 Lace Bows – ‘earth tunnels’ C31
Your old italian saint is voting for a fixed maximum salary of two hundred needed moneys, including existing and oversleeping in between, during weekends or other fixed days or portion of days. All in a balance, and yet who’s not coughing now? The heads drop eye for an eye into the ground, rushing into the dewdrums.

OTA017 Patrick R. Pärk – ‘Library Sounds’ C57
Art Work: Fernando Brito. Once the knowledge subsides, the posthumous understanding of the mind will return to affections of space and species. Of these ruins of processed imagery only the mutative unplugged cyborgs will be able to remember. its wise to befriend a fox or two, for the leg walkers are returning…


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