Hangover Central Station

Robert Scott & Alastair Galbraith – ‘On Golden Pond’ CS
So there was a time some 33 years ago when some Robert Scott, Alastair Galbraith, Michael Morley and Bruce Russell happened to share a flat in Dunedin. What sounds like a legend from that never written book of the very unlikely history of New Zealand music is indeed a fact. More or less accidentally, some recordings by two of the mentioned gentlemen found their way to Germany on a self-burned CDr. Their names: Scott and Galbraith. Those songs have never been released before. Limited edition of 60 pro dubbed cassettes.

Jeremy Hegge – ‘Short Glimpses From Mmabolela’ CS
It’s the songs of toads, of antelopes and insects Jeremy Hegge captured in the Limpopo Valley Bushveld in South Africa. Hailing from Sydney, Hegge has already built an amazing body of work from the lonely places all over Australia. There’s a special approach in the way he lets the compositions of nature go their own direction, still finding his own tone in the sounds and noises that surround the broad and deserted regions. Which are never lonely. Limited edition of 50 pro dubbed cassettes.


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