Imminent Frequencies

IF34 – Harness – ‘Sleight of Hand’ C26
Harness is the self-described “noise concrète” duo of Shane Church (Hostage Pageant / Still Image) and Luke Tandy (Being / Skeleton Dust Recordings).
“Sleight of Hand” presents four sparse movements of atmospheric electroacoustic music with an emphasis on restraint and aural tension.

IF35 – The Latent Hour – ‘Arcata Nocturne’ C34
This debut release from The Latent Hour documents three minimal soundscapes constructed out of sustained tones and manipulated field recordings. At times both serene and ominous, “Arcata Nocturne” evokes the stillness of night while alluding to the impending luminosity of dawn.

IF36 – The Glass Path – ‘Floating Heads in Rhapsody’ C26
Since 2011, Detroit’s Matt Conzett (The New Me / Irrational Tentent) has been exploring the boundaries of tape music under the guise of his solo project. The Glass Path. “Floating Heads” consists of two side-long compositions of degraded tape loops, synth, and recordings of a custom-built Dream Machine.


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