DK067 Expose Your Eyes – ‘Disintegration’ C30 €5
Expose Your Eyes is the main project of Paul Harrison from West Yorkshire. Since ‘ 90 he explored all the manifestation of noise with many solo releases and collaboration releases (with k2, Government Alpha, Small & Quim, to name a few ). Expose Your Eyes new effort is an intriguing and compelling combination of pulsations (created with lo-fi percussions, reiterative loops and sonic explosions) that are plugged into a sound environment made by electrostatic drones and unspeakable background noises. Artwork photo provided by Candi Nook that with Paul handled until 2003 the Fiend Recordings label.

DK066 Venta Protesix & Dj Kimchi – ‘LOL (Lovely Online Losers)’ C30 €5
Composed entirely out of samples from a 2001 Korean language course CD, “Lovely Online Losers” is the groundbreaking encounter between the world’s most uncompromising and obsessive laptop-noise Venta Protesix and Asia’s lushiest italogrime producer DJ Kimchi, here splicing each other tracks and remixes inspired by Malaysian livestreaming idols, North Korean chemical weapons and mispelled AV titles.


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