Upside Down

FILTRO – ‘Riflesso’ C30 5€
born in 2016 from the meeting of Angelo Bignamini and Luca De Biasi. already busy in the italian. psychedelic and noise rock scene. (The Great Sanuites, Satantango, etc). in the grammatic of Riflesso. magnetic tapes articulate. with modular synthesizers. and improvisation. that the duo manipulates till they. get a canvas of twines and multicolour stitches. curves and corners. sound scraps. calibrated and polished. get born again and find new context in the shape of patterns. repeated sequences. partly repeated. un-repeated. the sound is fluid. fragments come in, move, disappear. opening new spaces to the perception.

NASTRO – ‘gASTRO’ C30 5€
from an idea by Manuel Cascone and Francesco Petricca. a travel through the human body into the mysteries of the digestive system. Everyday inside our organism the food is subject to a very long travel, arduous, a chain of transformations which provides us with nutrition and in many cases we get benefits from. The thirthy minutes of “gASTRO” are the input for an estrangement effect into the surreal journey of the food from the moment we ingest it until its last passage. The adventures of the chewing, the immersion into the acids of the stomach. Not just a recording of those internal landscapes, but the auditory transposition conceived by two visionary minds and fantasies able to transport on the “canvas” (in our case an audio support) theyr “feeling” with rare and absolute expressive freshness.


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