L. White Records

LW100 SEKTION B – ‘When Democracy Is No Longer Enough’ CD 12€
In 2001 SEKTION B released their first full-length \”Power Is Nothing Without Control\” on the then newly founded label L.White Records as a limited CDr. Now, 16 years later, SEKTION B\’s 2nd full-length finally sees the light of day, marking L.White Records 100th release. On the album \”When democracy is no longer enough\” SEKTION B present 10 new, powerful tracks. At first uncertain ambient, then continuously increasing the power-electronic sounds typical for SEKTION B; mixed with a good portion of Industrial and Noise. The theme this time is about democracy, in all it\’s merits, oppertunities and perversions! Primarily in Germany and Europe, but also around the world.

LW V06 SEKTION B – ‘Refugees Welcome’ 3” DVDr 8€
According to our German leader and her heroic continuation of the \”New Year\’s Resolution 2015/2016\” on December 31, 2015, we from SEKTION B welcome all refugees from all over the world in own way. We chisel the almost biblical words \”Wir schaffen das!\” of the greatest, best, most beautiful, clever female leader of all Germans to this day in sound and image.

LW102 MACRONYMPHA – ‘Fetischismus’ 11€
Macronympha provides new material for fanatic\’s listening purposes. Leo of Armenia and Joe Roemer recently teamed up to create the new version of Macro together, and is more focused on an ambiance-vision with ominous tensions. Despite that, it still has most of the blistering and damaging trademark sounds that have influenced noise in general. Henry Mallard \’the Duck\’ 77 minutes finest harshnoise from America!

LW105 GOD PUSSY – ‘Ato Criminal, Ascensão ao Terrorismo’ 11€
\”Na margem total da miséria e fim da democracia, estamos entregues a total decadência e caos humano. Em pleno século XXI estamos vivenciando uma nova ditadura e táticas de guerras sem registro em cartório, o sistema de tortura está reinando a todo vapor contra os povos pobres e a todo tipo de vidas desfavorecidas… Persistimos caminhando e se arrastando na busca de sobrevivência entre perigo das ruas, violência dos bairros, risco de morte e tudo o que for parte de nossas vidas no cotidiano, qualquer descuido pagaremos pelo preço do fracasso, continuaremos na luta e guerreando para não cair em luto… \” Instead of typical Musica Popular Brasleira, GOD PUSSY has create a wonderful feijoada of political extremes and harshnoise on the eyes and ears.


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