Palm Tapes

Armadillo – ‘Armadillo II’ C34 $5
pt010_verysmallArmadillo II opens with warbled tones of strained memory. Guitar plucks are an excavated synth, and the dream logic that guides this moody quest is set. The duo, a collaboration between Atlanta shred-master, Monochrome Sweatsuit, and Detroit-based producer Caleb Stone, began recording in 2015. Stone, whose production credits include Kali Uchis, The Internet and Odd Future, uses bass tones and drums sparingly—Leaving plenty of space for Sweatsuit’s extended guitar-movements. The otherworldly atmospherics of their debut are present, yet the character is new. Here, attic-tracked improvisation paints an abstraction, but one that soundtracks rainy day realism. The langague of Sweatsuit’s guitar harmonies is distinct; the layers of his creative technique are inspired, and his playing skillful. Together with Stone, it’s sort of Durrutti Column spiraling Three-Six Mafia at the gallery. These minimal beauts won’t last long; They’re limited to only 25 copies!


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