Irrational Tentent

Traag – ‘Lil’ Nark Boy’ C20 $5
Out of this world electronic music from the minds behind Siobhan, Church Shuttle and the All Gone label. True Detroit freaks.

Memory Work – ‘Boundary’ C32 $5
Industrial collage and despair. Repetition turn alienation. Born from the same hands as Death Kneel and the Summer Isle label.

GJ Coppola – ‘Prince of Miami’ C47 $5
Deeply inspired by his trip to Miami and the legend of Git, Coppola spins the twisted tale of a life cut short. Warped electronics in memoriam.

Tyler Hicks – ‘Guitar Solo’ C36 $5
Complete deception. All of the moments a guitar sounds nothing like a guitar. Both linear and cyclical. Perspective: Tyler is also one half of the confounding noise unit Creode.


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