FORAGER – ‘Sorrow and joy throng the gate, weal and woe in the same land’ C30 $6
forager_100pxForager is guitar composition, improvisation, and experimentation by Ian MacLean exploring drone tones and ambient textures. The album represents a journey into a sacred temple. There are four gates, each with different challenges or gatekeepers. The seeker circles the temple until finding a way in. In the seeker’s mind the gates and challenges are sequential. Once inside the temple and its inner sanctum, the seeker can see that the four gates are indivisible from the whole structure, and all have equal importance, not just the gate that was used to enter the temple. The resulting knowledge hopefully causes one to dance between gates, trials, without worry.

SEMEN PRIEST – ‘Pink Skyline’ C30 $6
semenpriest-100pxToronto’s electronic/post-punk outfit SEMEN PRIEST return with a reinvigorated sound on Pink Skyline thanks to electro-psych dub-wise production by KING PONG DUB SYSTEM. Features ‘Police, Thieves & Private Armies’, a mash-up cover of Junior Murvin’s ‘Police & Thieves’ and Vivien Goldman’s ‘Private Armies’.

BEARD CLOSET – ‘Deadly Force’ C30 $6
beardcloset-100pxWe’re honored to issue Toronto experimental guitar and electronics artist, Beard Closet’s wordless (but not silent) scream of rage and frustration at the continuing culture of murder and brutality in North America’s police forces. Ambient drones and vast noise textures.

BABEL – ‘This Is The Sacred Fire’ 2Cdr$10
babel-100pxMeditations on the light within and without. A double CD album of ritualistic ambient drones, space jazz and kosmische electronics; temple bells, new age sax, kraut-prog improvisations, drone-metal guitar, ‘Zarathustra’ vocals and ‘Stranger Things’ synths collide. Bridges the gap between BABEL’s previous double albums “Mind Thief” (retro-synth) and “Ceci n’est pas le feu sacré” (psychedelic drone / improv), both still available.


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