Inner Islands

II051 – Stag Hare – ‘Velvet And Bone’ C54
PrintVelvet and Bone is structured as a Gothic fable. It is about the act of self reflection through knowing another. It is about seeing the shadow and knowing the shadow. It is about seeing death and knowing death. It is about bones, and the way they are shaped by the tensions put on them by various opposing muscles. It is about the swamps of depression. It is about love in its most tragic and therefore most beautiful form. Velvet and Bone includes materials written over many years, dating back as far as 2010 and started as an attempt to finally make recorded versions of some lyrical material I had written over the years. I was in school studying bodywork and energy work and discovering a whole new side of life, the physical side, the flesh and bone side. This was followed by an accompanying realization that my interest in the metaphysical and the spiritual had bypassed, ironically, perhaps a missing link in my exploration. I had somehow ignored or been hiding from the world of the physical, and the importance of personal connection to my three dimensional vessel. Everything changed after experiencing the very real and very tangible power of touch, of intention with touch, and the emotional unraveling that I personally needed to undertake in order to find my body. I won’t say that I have entirely found it at this point, but I know now that I am at least on the journey to retrieving that lost connection, and that I can perceive the reflection playing out in that other realm, in something like a parallel and opposite action. As I reach you I can reach me. Velvet and Bone is the 9th full album from Stag Hare and the 4th release on Inner Islands. It marks both a departure in mood and tone from previous releases, but also a return to form as the first regular full length album in 3 years. It also marks her first album released after an official gender transformation and marking the first release with Garrick now as Willow, after a period of time using various different names and descriptors she now wishes to use her new name, Willow Skye Biggs, a change which will reflect a shifting musical style in the near future as well. There is planned to be one final release in the Stag Hare catalog within the coming year

II050 – Channelers – ‘Space Makes Clearing’ C43
NAC_4-Panel_Jcard_BACK_Template_forILLUSTRATORSpace Makes Clearing was developed by approaching repetitive sound through the physical sensation of its creation, through finding phrases that feel satisfying to play over and over as though there is something therapuetic in the gestures that produce their tones. There is space to move around in the sound and space to let the mind wander. It is made with reverence for the cycles of life, for the ever-changing sky, for the yearning that drives one forward, for the acceptance that keeps one still. It’s here to hold space for the simplest things. Channelers is a project and practice maintained by Sean Conrad from 2014 into the present. Space Makes Clearing is the 4th album in the Channelers catalog.

II049 – softest – ‘hidden guitar & water music’ DL
ardentapeshiddenguitarandwatermusicForces that are hidden in plain view. Another world, wavelength, nowhere.

II048 – Channelers – ‘Arden Tapes’ DL
Taking time to feel my song of the moment. A brief practice largely explored through the first months of the year.


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