Monorail Trespassing

[mt107cs] Circuit Wound – ‘Succumbing to the Inevitable Automation’ C46
mt107csA concept album recorded in 2011 and left to simmer until the proper relevant cultural boiling point, Circuit Wound returns to MT after 15 years. Dystopian, apocalyptic hellfire/damnation acid burn electronics, owing a great debt the Japanese — in particular, Thirdorgan and MSBR. Hard-panned, dynamic psychedelic noise waves with occasional moments of breathing room. Crank it up and celebrate the modern collapse.

[mt108cs] Cremation Lily – ‘Journal’ C20
mt108cs Recorded entirely with compact tape machines, maximizing potential through simplicity. A sort of audio diary documenting Zen Zsigo’s daily reflections from morning to night along the British coast through a filter of tape-loop processing. Kay Hill and False Moniker provide additional source material. Best heard in the misty early morning hours, on repeat till late night.

[mt109cs] False Moniker – ‘In Parenthesis’ C30
mt109csKnown for his visual work, his label Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., as well as his many collaborations with Cremation Lily, False Moniker is the project of Belgian artist Niels Geybels, who also works as Sequences. This is considered by the artist to be the debut full length release of FM. Six tracks of minimal and narrative industrial bedroom melodicism, intimately documented on 4-track cassette. Each cassette released in an edition of 125 copies.


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