Cabin Floor Esoterica

[CFE#60] Shane Parish & Frank Rosaly – ‘Labrys’ C50
cfe60Nylon string guitar from Asheville’s Shane Parish and percussion from Chicago’s Frank Rosaly. Skittering and precise, spacious and loose. The soft thumping of fingers on strings, the ringing of a struck bowl. An homage to Goddess culture and the Divine Feminine. Mythopoetric narratives and elemental conjurings.

[CFE#61] Ilia Belorukov & Taneli Viitahuhta – ‘Sax Worker’s Rights’ C30
cfe61Alto saxophones from Saint-Petersburg’s Ilia Belorukov and Helsinki’s Taneli Viitahuhta. Popping and hissing through brass valves. The tiny sounds from catching breath in a bottle and letting it out slowly. Insects buzzing in figure-eights slowed to a warm sputtering. Tying knots in the air.

[CFE#62] Nathan McLaughlin & Jeremy Purser – ‘Levain’ C37
cfe62An assortment of instruments acoustic & electric from Hudson’s Nathan McLaughlin and Columbus’s Jeremy Purser. An ensemble built from mirrors. Soft rolling tape. An encounter never quite silent even in moments of pause. Microflora blowing across invisibly and inoculating everything in their path. Slow growing and ever present. Each an edition of 75 copies in cardstock o-card with a variety of inserts. $7 + shipping.


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