Luxardo – ‘Ogni Giorno Eccitazione’ C40
“Ogni Giorno Eccitazione”. This words are full of lust, glitter and soft-erotism, in a kind of italian-raucous humour. As well, Italy is part of this fiction. This thug named Luxardo is the chansonnier of all that. Imagine an obscure mid-eighties-Serge Gainsbourg croonin’ in fake italian on the tracks orchestrated by Armando Trovajoli, or at least a soft-porn comment for an italian porn comedy, which “Ogni Giorno Eccitazione” actually is. It was 1978, and Luxardo ruled that scenario, in certain ways you can find the same directions Battisti/Mogol reached and spawned in that years. In another life or another level of reality, the deliquente named Luxard could be also the bass player of a noise-funk band or the director of a cult orchestra named Tredici Bacci. But here what’s real it’s transfigurated by his double mirror: let’s have a Martini and listen to this Romantico jams.


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