Stuart Chalmers – ‘Loop Phantasy No.3’ £4
stuart_chalmers_-_loop_phantasyRecycled music, scavenged sonics – Stuart Chalmers specialises in the music between the music. The audio between the audio. The barrels in the barrel room need cleaning mummy, let me fetch the candles. Loop Phantasy No.3 sees this Regis of Re-appro-Pop set his sights on the myriad glossy productions which percolate through the collective head-brain every day. The CD skipping in the local Costa, the mini-disc dancing cripple-ways due to bouncy jog – all haunting reminders of a perfect world beyond the current. C44 with yellow tapes & pixel-hated collage (by Mr S. Chalmers). Limited to 48 copies.

Yokonono – ‘Haunted Head’ C80
untitledBen Cockayne & Dafydd E. Spink present a huge slab of psyche-focusing rumble drone under the fantastic monnnnnniker Yokonono. Gentle throbbing static & rolling low-tone feedback heave & hoe forward over the course of 40 mins including para-mythic states in both listener & listener’s favourite brewer. One for zoning out to on long train journeys, watching landscapes fade or focusing the mind ahead of that crucial exam (kid specific). Oooooooohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm. Limited to 45 copies, with clear “prison tapes”, isometric on-body stickers & line drawing, monochrome artwork by Beartown operative #3.


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