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PSST! Wanna Buy A Record?‘ LP $15
psst-100Private press 300 copy vinyl redux of 1986 UK DIY experimental cassette compilation from post-Homosexuals / Murphy Federation / It’s War Boys crew. Originally released as an annexe to underground comic El Frenzy, edited by crown prince of avant-pop Bing Selfish, the LP contains brittle sounds honed in the housing co-ops, squats and 8-track dens of radical London. El Frenzy editor Bing Selfish compiled PSST, playing on most of the tracks, the rest of the cast include Amos (aka L.Voag / Xentos of The Homosexuals / Amos & Sara / Die Trip Computer Die), Robert Storey (dark heart of The Murphy Federation since 1980), Lepke B. (Milk From Cheltenham / Die Trip Computer Die), Chris Gray (The Homosexuals producer / Amos & Sara / Just Measurers), Mick Hobbs (The Work, Family Fodder). What does it sound like? Delia Derbyshire’s hunkered down in a Stockwell basement, the floor’s strewn with beat up latino, jazz and funk LPs from Oxfam round the corner … her TASCAM’s missing two slider buttons, but she’s got a steady supply of gin. Suddenly a bunch of South London miscreants stumble in, claiming to be “musos” … Delia takes another hit from the bottle and presses record. The next day she wakes up with a banging hangover and rewinds the tape. She jots in her notebook: ‘We’re Only In It For The Money’ kerb crawling ‘Soft Machine Volume Two’ with Coxsone lighting up a spliff in the doorway … strictly no commercial potential. Contains 16 page A4 risograph booklet with Bing Selfish & Knutsford Hanoi interview + A3 insert with fellow squatland traveler Richard Dudanski (PiL / 101ers) interviewed.


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