CORSET s/t $6
CORSET_PromoViolent urban rhythms from the last gutters of Brooklyn. Members of NYC’s Gowanus Mutant Commandos, the most fabulous punk band in America. American Noise has always been a bit more loose than its European equivalent. There’s been slightly more room for humor and a certain unhinged wildness in the states: we have no real high-culture past, and until the early 2000’s there wasn’t much hope for anyone outside of the scene to give a shit about what terrible new object you can run through a distortion pedal. We’re much more beer than coke, more hot than cool, more Dionysus than Apollo. CORSET falls into this drunken continuum of fucked up American music. This is music to nod your head to, to chant and cheer and celebrate the fact that your life is nothing but a decadent excess of nature. 100 Copies.

VOSE 106 – ‘Can’t Find Me’ CS $6
VOSE106_PromoVOSE 106 is a tentative first step into life after the singularity. Our inadequate bodies will be left behind along with the cultural ephemera of classical capitalism. Handbag house left untouched in the closet. B-sides and sketches of Youtube adds for start-ups that never were. Grooveboxes and Zunes will sit untouched next to scratched and broken freeware CD’s. VOSE 106 does not speak for these future artifacts, but acts as a conduit for their limited voices to be heard. 75 Copies.

Jjakub – ‘Still Standing’ CS $6
Jjakub_PromoJjakub makes sketchy RnB for a world with no rules. 25 Copies.


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