Tamed Records

Marsh-Cavern-NuireSolo guitarist Marsh Cavern returns with a 4 new songs tape recorded last february, nearly three years after the previous session. These tracks are less worried than before and could be described as a clair obscure sound. “Nuire” enfolds carefully the spirit and the thoughts like a distant time coming to present, like a landscape naturally made of recent and old elements. The distorded single guitar leaves space for both visual and auditory imagination. The guitar sound is more personal than in the previous recording. MC uses an early 70′s guitar amp that makes his sound more organic and authentic. The title “Nuire” must not be understood as its real meaning, but as a self-created verb which means “qui amène la nuit” / “bringing the night”. Recorded by Bertrand Duchemin at Studio Chaudelande in february 2015.


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