Spleen Coffin

Christian Michael Filardo – ‘Impression’ CS $5
SP-38-CS_fa_croppedMinimalist drone compositions from modular synth master and visual artist Christian Michael Filardo. Stark, textural pieces that evolve over side-length explorations of raw analog synthesis. J-cards printed in black on heavy duty black paper with black text on transparent window labels over black cassettes.

HNY – ‘Sacred Fire’ 7″ $6
sp-40-ep_baHeather Nicole Young (formerly of Social Junk) recorded the material on this EP years ago while living in Philadelphia. After a long delay, Spleencoffin is proud to finally bring these vaulted recordings to a proper vinyl release. Fans of Heather’s solo work will not be disappointed: Sacred Fire features characteristic minimal, jagged guitar chords, saturated percussion, and Heather’s distinct voice — all blanketed in controlled feedback sweeps and a generous supply of delay. On the flipside, Ghost is more of an environmental piece, with paired voices (one effected, one bone dry), field-like synth sounds, and a faint low end pulse riding just below the surface. A crucial 7″ addition to HNY’s untarnished discography. Edition of 300 copies printed in silver and black.


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