Retrograde Tapes

rgt#18 Amalgamated – ‘Bulbing, Cricket, Splash’ C40
rgt18-animalpsiTrue to their name, Amalgamated’s “Bulbing, Cricket, Splash” fuses free-improv electronics, rhythm-bolstered drones, field recordings, & heaps of who knows what else into three flowing tracks of air & movement. Great stuff for come-ups, come-downs & all-arounds. Type II, high bias chrome tapes. Edition of 50.

rgt#15 Kraken Mare – ‘Outer Resonance’ C19
rgt15-animalpsiTwo side-long missives here, the first a travelling concrète exploration of uninhabited zones & outlying places. The second employs intersecting melodies and as a monument to distant objects & occurrances from now to the early times. Type II, high bias chrome plus tapes. Edition of 50.

rgt#14 Buried In The Basement – ‘Lye Over Truth’ C36
rgt14-animalpsiNate Buker offers up a wealth of scorched-circuit writhe & cold-void misanthropy, cracked fried & multiplied. Clanging, chattering, subterranean sounds hemorrhage from this grizzled DIY-maker’s buzzing lair onto tape. Type II, high bias cobalt tapes. Edition of 50.


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