Moon Mist

THE BLUE SPECTRUM – ‘Melting Ice Grill’ CS
bluMoon Myst is proud to present THE BLUE SPECTRUM (Simon Wilson, UK). A cacophony of sandpaper star-splattered amorphous noise from THE BLUE SPECTRUM. Like the sizzling of a million sea urchins explorer series LP most people have never checked out, just an incredible display of disregard for music. This tape is a textural world, a spiky and unnatural world. Feels more like a document from some other planet’s NSA department than a noise tape. Edition of 30 numbered copies.

THE VOYEUR – ‘Chains’ CS
voyMoon Myst is proud to present THE VOYEUR (Josh Burke, USA). The songs on “Chains” sound like the music of a dark, Sewer Shark, post-people, cyber society. Cold, thuggish and evil synth driven jams, the perfect tape for driving around doing something wrong. Mysterious vocal narrations punctuate an otherwise inhuman collection. Edition of 30 numbered copies.

KIMCHI SKITTLES – ‘Instant Success’ CS
kimThe KIMCHI SKITTLES: electric puro molten maple syrup. Heavily-layered power drone works feel like swimming through corn syrup and battery acid. Dan Dlugosielski= electronics. Edition of 20 numbered copies.

JESSIE & THE EELS – ‘Zine About Runes and Stuff’ CS
jessA fresh fruit strata of spectral guitar and electronics psychedelia from JESSIE & THE EELS, the hottest noise duo on the streets and in the sheets, consisting of Jessie Kendall and Dan Dlugosielski. JESSIE flings mysterious guitar melodies into an uncontrollable vacuum, while THE EELS kill tiny parasites with electric hail, home-made wind instruments, and whatever else is around. “Zine…” is J&TE’s first full-length tape, a pleasantly confusing pool of cosmic drool for everyone, a proper debut. Edition of 30 numbered copies. Hand collaged/painted/typed covers.


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