No Kings

NK54: Sparkling Wide Pressure – ‘Clouds & Stairs’
SWP_LP_animalIt’s a catalog that has canonized a style, absolving for the rest of us our short-lived, limited-run, lo-fi, sold-out, essential and unaccountable, suburban warbled bedroom collages heard once or lost or played to ruin. It is a singular, sustained warmth reverse-looped, slowed and low-pitched to a slur then cut and smeared out across itself. An off-kilter rattle, an open-tuned trance. The fleeting and the incidental balanced against the willful and the measured. Dimensions restless, texture insatiable. Frank Baugh has been crafting sounds as Sparkling Wide Pressure from Murfreesboro TN since 2007. Clouds & Stairs is his fourth release for No Kings Record Co., and the label’s first vinyl. Edition of 250 black discs in letterpressed foldover jackets in black or gold ink, with risograph insert. Mastered by Brian Pyle. Run time: 44:51.


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