Fleeting Youth

Passenger Peru – ‘Light Places’ CS $5
passperuThe green ink on yellow colored cassette holds Passenger Peru’s highly anticipated sophomore album where Passenger Peru execute a running commentary on modern city life for a 30-something-year-old through ebbs and flows of neo-psychedelic experimentation, crazy dynamic shifts, bare-boned odes, and odd yet infectious noise.

Robot Princess – ‘Teen Vogue LP + Action Moves EP’ CS $5
robotpThe white inked, royal blue colored cassette holds Robot Princess’s debut Teen Vogue LP AND their latest Action Moves EP. This tape is filled with big hooks, melodies, and backing vocals to sing along with, thanks to Beau Alessi’s fresh take on pop songwriting.

Van Dale CS $5
vandaleThe black ink on golden colored cassette holds Van Dale’s highly infectious self-titled album full of Blue album-era power pop and fuzzed-out tunes about friendship, love, success, and thinking about what life isn’t.

Loose Tooth – ‘Easy Easy East’
loosetoothThe white inked, purppp colored cassette holds Loose Tooth’s debut release, EASY EASY EAST, full of jerky guitars and infectious vocals. Another Philly band ready to break out!! For fans of 90s post-hardcore/Archers of Loaf.

LA Font – ‘Hangtime Vol. 1 EP’ $5
lafontThe black ink on pool blue colored cassette holds LA Font’s latest infectious EP full of catchy hooks, witty songwriting, and smartly constructed pop.


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