2:00AM Tapes

[2:07] Nigro – ‘Slow Synapse’
IMG_20150325_110252Mike Nigro of Brooklyn NY crafts a varied but cohesive swath of sound on Slow Synapse. From the loose 1-2 drum march on the opening track, peppered with haunting slapback low end stabs all held together with giant swells of saturated feedback, to the warm bath slow burning warp of “Somn” Nigro stays deep in the zone and keeps you there with him.

[2:08] radiokoala – ‘Whoop-De-Do’
IMG_20150325_110309On Whoop-De-Do, radiokoala bends and twists genres effortlessly into a canopy of electronic works evoking wildlife and exotic landscapes with a primal urgency and totally uninhibited celebration of sound.

[2:09] Charles Barabé – ‘Cicatrice, Scar, Éclair’
IMG_20150325_110323Charles Barabé came out of nowhere, or if you want to get all kinda technicals on me, Victoriaville Quebec and introduced himself through his amazing cassette label La Cohu back in 2012. Since then he has been dishing out releases at a workaholics pace, blending elements of mad scientist synthesizer experiments, musique concrète, and modern composition into dense and hairbrained franken-jams. If you can’t get into this shit, come back tomorrow and we will discuss it because it is quite the problem. (See what I did there, Charles? You’re not Charles? Ok well listen to this record and you’ll get the joke.)


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