Sacred Phrases

SP-52 Pulse Emitter – ‘Euphoria’ CS
Euphoria is the sound of Daryl Groetsch, the Portland, Oregon synth-man otherwise known as Pulse Emitter, doing what he does best: producing arpeggiated striations of sound that spiral deep into the outer reaches of the aural cosmos. While Groetsch’s long-running project turned a new leaf earlier this year with the acoustic flourishes of his self-released Alien Vacation cassette, Euphoria is pure tonal meditation through expansive electronics and heedless curiosity. The airy chords and glockenspiel-led melody of “Cold Sun 5” prepare the senses for the effervescent flow of “Endless Secretion,” which drifts along with a slow and steady bob of aquatic tones. B-side opener “Cold Sun 3” continues the fluorescent narrative with oddly-angled rhythm and weightless momentum. Closer “Silent Euphoria” is one of Groetsch’s deepest efforts on tape yet, flooding the space with layer upon layer of processed elation. Limited edition of 100 copies. Comes with free download code.

SP-51 Ekin Fil – ‘Wind is Near’ CS
Following a string of releases on revered imprints including Root Strata, Bathetic, and Students of Decay, Ekin Üzeltüzenci brings her elusive brand of ambient-laden folk music to Sacred Phrases. With Wind is Near, the Istanbul-based songwriter presents her most harrowing work to date, pushing the boundaries of her distant melodies and haunted arrangements. “Sense,” “Heart Minds,” and “Forever Young” distort and slur their somber vocals, blurring forlorn meanderings into the aural ether and creating a sense of bucolic desolation. Instrumentals “Captain” and “A Doubt” leave the grave tonal subtleties to run rampant, heaping the scene in eerie nostalgia and reverbed decay. Üzeltüzenci’s careful hand pushes everything into a wistfully elegiac din – a glorious tome that exists in the periphery. It’s a seductive bout of alluring melancholy that you can’t help but revel in. Limited edition of 100 copies. Comes with free download code.


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