Rambutan – ‘Surface Language’ CS
“This music is the fruit of late night basement experiments in sleep deprivation coupled with the ongoing struggle to translate thoughts into sound and ideas into words. Recorded in Delmar, NY 2014. Music by Eric Hardiman. Many thanks to Tynan for the invitation to be on DNT. Endless gratitude also extends to Ray Hare, Mike Griffin, Nick Mitchell, Jefferson Pitcher, Phil Donnelly, Matt Weston, Nate Brennan, Jackson Wingate and hundreds of other sources of inspirations. Hand-numbered edition of 50 on lime green shells with spray-bottle watercolored jcards”

Metal Rouge – ‘Gamble’ CS
“Metal Rouge’s “Gamble” eschews their previous LP Soft Erase’s martial drum machines and rock structures, delivering instead rudimentary jazz fire and blaring white-heat guitar continuums soaked in unintentional tape manipulation. Four tracks: a journey from pointillist guitar/trumpet sparring to a completely warped amorphous hell, an epic single minded guitar/vocal flare-out, a piano-driven cloud of massed utopian strings and a staggering primitive drum raga. Nine years into their existence Metal Rouge are still finding new ways to cast aside the false, uphold the unrefined and crawl into the marrow of the music. Hand-numbered edition of 100 on dark blue shells with full color art by Christina Carter.

Eric Sanchez – ‘Los Otros Ojos’ CS
Scenes adjust and new tones are set while the surroundings are deteriorating and the floor is gradually appearing. Two fifteen minute pieces recorded between San Francisco and Monterey, 2014. Hand-numbered edition of 50 with full color artwork by Eric Sanchez on lime green shells with full color labels.


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