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Howard Stelzer – ‘Narrow Escape’ CDr
howardstelzerwebStarting in the late 90’s, Howard Stelzer consistently advanced and refined his prowess at tape-composition, a move that has thus far granted him a position as one of the most revered and acclaimed cult personas in the noise underground. Having worked both solo and in collaboration with everyone from Jason Talbot to The Cherry Point to Jazzkammer, as well as for many years running the stellar (and now defunct) Intransitive Recordings label, Stelzer thoughtfully maintains a deft and skilled hand in the manipulation of disparate sources rendered on the magnetic spool, generating tapestries of uninhibited, powerful expression. Narrow Escape finds Stelzer carefully and meticulously rendering 58 minutes of unbroken drone, working from a starting point of an almost Basinski-esque monolith of gorgeous ambiance into a deft attack of severe low-end and fierce static. A masterpiece of the controlled burn, Narrow Escape is no doubt another high-point in Stelzer’s diverse and storied discography. Pro-pressed and printed in a digipack. Edition of 100.


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