Stag Hare – ‘Star Valley’
heeI remember being at a Stag Hare show years ago, listening as thick, syrupy drones slowly coalesced into a heavy, beat-driven crescendo. Most of the audience, myself included, took some time to come out of the deeply-felt meditative trance Stag Hare’s soothing tones had pulled us beneath. Someone in the audience, a bit incensed at the rest of his peers, yelled out “come on! This is dance music!”. That it is. Kinetic energy bridges that gap between body and mind. Flailing limbs are more effective than head nods to expedite this process. “Star Valley” follows this similar trajectory. Long pulls of peaceful drones over strummed major chords, buzzing synths crackle like telephone lines. Then the beat drops. “Star Valley” is reborn. “Come on! This is dance music!” We are lucky enough to Stag Hare donate a track to Heligator Records to assist the cause of continuously funding the library at the Malindza Refugee Camp in Mpaka, Swaziland. We caught Garrick at a particularly prolific time. HIs three-part series just dropped (staghare.bandcamp.com) and “Star Valley” takes elements from each tape and weaves them together into this glowing tapestry. A wizard’s cloak full of sacred geometric symbols. All proceeds go to maintaining the Malindza Refugee Camp Library. To find out more about the cause please visit the Malindza Refugee Camp blog.


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