Bonding Tapes

[BOND001] ‘Quality Time Vol. 1‘ C54 $7.07
BondingTapesCassette100pxNew San Diego, CA based cassette label, Bonding Tapes, has just come on the scene with their first release Quality Time Vol. 1. It is a compilation filled with sample based hip hop beats, juke, lo fi casio styles, vaporwave and various electronics. Most artists are Southern California based like The Koreatown Oddity, EMRLDS, Tim Cosner, QBLA, Sonic D, Dolphin Brain and We Savage. The release also features music from artists around the world like DMN SLYR (Vietnam), Lex Looper (Australia), Thiefinger (Finland), David Peck (Indiana), Zander One (Ohio), SR388 (Northern California), and a couple from parts unknown. The o-card sleeve was designed by Leftm Graphics as well as the poster, sticker and button. Which all accompany the cassette when purchased through their bandcamp site.


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